What is the funny nature documentary on Netflix?

What is the funny nature documentary on Netflix?

Absurd Planet
A cast of quirky critters and Mother Nature herself narrate this funny science series, which peeks into the lives of Earth’s most incredible animals. Watch all you want. Afi Ekulona narrates as Mother Nature in this nature series inspired by Wired magazine’s “Absurd Creature of the Week.”

Where can I watch good nature documentaries?

These Are the Best Nature Documentaries Streaming Right Now

  • Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.
  • Buena Vista International.
  • Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.
  • National Geographic.
  • BBC One.
  • BBC One.
  • Netflix.
  • SK Films.

What should I watch after planet?

16 Incredible Nature Documentary Series and Movies to Stream Right Now

  • Our Planet: Season 1 (2019) 93% (Netflix)
  • Planet Earth II: Miniseries (2016) 100% (Discovery Channel)
  • Blue Planet II: Miniseries () 97% (BBC America)
  • Blackfish (2013) 98% (Magnolia Pictures)
  • The Ivory Game (2016) 77% (Netflix)

Are nature documentaries staged?

The “naturalness” of nature documentaries has been disputed. Some, particularly those involving animals, have included footage of staged events that appear “natural” while actually contrived by filmmakers or occurring in captivity.

Does Netflix have science shows?

Whatever you’re interested in, there’s a Netflix documentary there for you. Netflix isn’t all The Crown and Star Trek. Between your favourite dramas and reality TV guilty pleasures (we’re not judging) lays a gigantic bedrock of the best science documentaries ever put on screen.

What should I watch on Earth Day on Netflix?

Earth Day movies on Netflix

  • David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet.
  • Breaking Boundaries: The Science Of Our Planet.
  • Fantastic Fungi.
  • Against the Ice.
  • My Octopus Teacher.
  • Seaspiracy.
  • Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret.