What is the film Death Becomes Her about?

What is the film Death Becomes Her about?

When a novelist loses her man to a movie star and former friend, she winds up in a psychiatric hospital. Years later, she returns home to confront the now-married couple, looking radiant. Her ex-husband’s new wife wants to know her secret, and discovers that she has been taking a mysterious drug which grants eternal life to the person who drinks it. The actress follows suit, but discovers that immortality has a price.Death Becomes Her / Film synopsis

When did Death Becomes Her actress?

Death Becomes Her
Starring Meryl Streep Bruce Willis Goldie Hawn Isabella Rossellini
Cinematography Dean Cundey
Edited by Arthur Schmidt
Music by Alan Silvestri

How long is Death Becomes Her?

1h 44mDeath Becomes Her / Running time

What is the name of the potion in Death Becomes Her?

Lisle is a mysterious, glamorous, wealthy socialite claiming to be 71, but looks decades younger. She reveals to Madeline the secret of her beauty and youth—an expensive potion that promises eternal life and an everlasting youthful appearance.

Why are the nuns floating in Death Becomes Her?

The three nuns, who were briefly seen in the theatrical cut, were there to view and identify the priest’s body. This explains why the nuns were in the morgue crying as they were gliding away. This became one of the deleted scenes that were never released.

How much does Madeline pay for the potion?

Avg Friend Score

Question Answer
The drug Helen plans to sedate Madeline with is called… Narconol 86.8%
How much does Madeline pay for the potion? An undisclosed amount 86.8%
Madeline kills Helen by… Shooting her 86.6%
Who took the potion first? Helen 86%

Is there a Death Becomes Her 2?

Death Becomes Her 2: Ghost Protocol.

Can kids watch Death Becomes Her?

Parents need to know that Death Becomes Her is a 1992 macabre comedy about a deadly threesome: two vain female frenemies and the man whose life they jointly ruined. Excessive drinking is shown. So is a potion that brings back youth but also bestows immortality, which, it turns out, isn’t as fun as it sounds.

Will there be a Death Becomes Her remake?

Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway are said to be reuniting for a remake of the 1992 dark comedy Death Becomes Her. Kate will be following her mother ‘Goldie Hawns’ footsteps by playing Helen Sharp, whilst Hathaway will take over from Streep as the narcissistic actress Madeline Ashton.

Is there any nudity in Death Becomes Her?

By drinking a magic potion, each woman finds immortality; however, they fail to think through the consequences of living forever as sinners with its many repercussions. DEATH BECOMES HER is laced with obscenities, full-length female nudity and occult practices.

How scary is Death Becomes Her?

The tone of the movie is macabre in a way “Hocus Pocus” and “The Addams Family” are, but never in any way meant to be truly scary or disturbing. Mild sex references that go over a kid’s head. Mild slurs, mostly by the two rivaling women. Some alcohol is seen and consumed.

Did Meryl Streep have a body double in Death Becomes Her?

Among the removed scenes is the scene where Madeline (Meryl Streep) and Helen (Goldie Hawn) are interacting with Toni (Tracey Ullman). Isabella Rossellini used a body double for her nude scene in this film. The body double that stood in for her is actress Catherine Bell.

Who is Isabella Rossellini referring to in Death Becomes Her?

Lisle (Isabella Rossellini) makes a reference to Don Quixote. Eight years after this film, Rossellini appeared in a TV Movie version, Don Quixote (2000). In the scene where Madeline punches in the entrance code and enters the gate as Helen slips past her unseen, you get a brief glimpse of her license plate.

Is Lisle von Rhuman a witch?

Lisle von Rhuman, rather, is a witch. A very well-paid and successful witch, too, if we may judge from the German Expressionist castle where she lives and works. She claims to be 71 years old, but her magic keeps her looking like the Los Angeles version of the upper 30’s.