What is the difference between Gate 1 and 4 at the Dallas Arboretum?

What is the difference between Gate 1 and 4 at the Dallas Arboretum?

Gate 4 you park across the street in a parking garage and walk across in an underground tunnel to get closer to the children’s area. Gate 1 has parking on/ next to the arboretum and the entrance is by restrooms/gift shop/food outlook.

What is Gate 4 at the Dallas Arboretum?

Gate 4 is the Parking garage located at 8720 Garland Road, Dallas, TX 75218, across the street from the Children’s Garden entrance with underground access to get to the garden and has access to both the Main Garden and Children’s Garden.

How long does it take to walk through the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical garden?

However, you can probably do a pretty thorough walk-thru in about 3 hours, depending on how fast you walk or how long you spend in certain areas. 🙂 over a year ago. The Arboretum encompasses 66 acres, the Childrens Garden included.

Does the Dallas Arboretum have bathrooms?

The City of Dallas does not permit changing clothes in the public restrooms but we do offer a two-hour rental in our VIP rental for $200 and that room can be reserved online.

Can you have a picnic at the Arboretum?

Our stunningly green grass, relaxed, tranquil atmosphere, and natural setting invite individuals, families and children to sit down and share a picnic. Guidelive recently praised the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens as one of the perfect places for a picnic in Dallas/Ft Worth.

How much does it cost to park at the arboretum?

The cost for parking is $15 per car when purchased in person at the ticket booth. You can pre-purchase your parking online for $10, a $5 savings. Parking is free for Members. Parking for Holiday at the Arboretum at night is included with night time admission. Please do not purchase separate parking.

How can I take advantage of my Dallas Arboretum membership?

Take advantage of your membership with an early morning walk or relaxing time in the garden, just for our members. Refresh and enjoy the peace we often miss in the concrete jungles of our city. The Dallas Arboretum offers an escape where peacefulness is easily obtained in the early morning hours.

Do Dallas Arboretum members get discounts at Rory Meyers children’s Adventure Garden?

This policy does not apply to the Rory Meyers Children’s Adventure Garden, the Cool Thursdays Concert Series or Parking. Dallas Arboretum Members enjoy special discount offers from our participating merchant partners.

Why visit the Dallas Arboretum?

No tour of the Dallas/Fort Worth area is complete without a stop at the Dallas Arboretum! Your group or organization will thank you for planning such an amazing and beautiful visit to the exceptional Botanical Gardens that are always in bloom and ever changing. The Dallas Arboretum offers discounted tickets for groups of 15 or more.