What is the closest antonym for extinct?

What is the closest antonym for extinct?

antonyms for extinct

  • alive.
  • existing.
  • extant.
  • living.

What is the opposite of extinction in psychology?

Extinction doesn’t mean the behavior is gone forever. Spontaneous recovery is the sudden return of the previously extinct behavior.

What is an antonym for species?

What is the opposite of species?

whole entirety
aggregate sum

What is the difference between habituation and extinction?

– Extinction: the performance of a learned behaviour/response ceases when the reinforces is no longer presented. Essentially, the association is lost. – Habituation: the reaction to a natural response is no longer observed. The difference is between whether this was a learned behaviour or a natural one.

What is a antonym for ecosystem?

Opposite of any major regional biological community such as that of forest or desert. anti-biome. alien environment. alien terrain.

What is the antonym for environment?

What is the opposite of environment?

cosmos outer space
space universe
heavens void

What is fear conditioning and extinction?

Similar to the frontal association cortex, fear conditioning causes spine elimination while fear extinction causes spine formation of layer 5 pyramidal neurons in the motor cortex. Concomitantly, fear conditioning and extinction decrease and increase the activity of these neurons respectively.

What is the difference between forgetting and extinction?

In the operant conditioning paradigm, extinction refers to the process of no longer providing the reinforcement that has been maintaining a behavior. Operant extinction differs from forgetting in that the latter refers to a decrease in the strength of a behavior over time when it has not been emitted.

What is behavior extinction?

In psychology, extinction refers to the gradual weakening of a conditioned response that results in the behavior decreasing or disappearing. In other words, the conditioned behavior eventually stops.

What is a antonym for species?

Antonyms. angularity roundness crookedness straightness straight. sort kind form.

What is the synonym and antonym of ecosystem?

noun. ( ˈiːkoʊˌsɪstəm) A system formed by the interaction of a community of organisms with their physical environment. Antonyms. truth merit system spoils system. scheme.

What is a synonym and antonym for environment?

noun. ( ɪnˈvaɪrənmənt) The area in which something exists or lives. Antonyms. disequilibrium inclusion equilibrium exclusion acceptance rejection antapex. geographical region geographic area parts habitat ambience.