What is the branch name for the Riverside Superior Court?

What is the branch name for the Riverside Superior Court?

The Superior Court of California, County of Riverside, also known as the Riverside County Superior Court, is the branch of the California superior courts with jurisdiction over Riverside County.

How do I get a marriage license in Riverside County?

To obtain your marriage license in person:

  1. Complete an Online Application. Keep your order number (SST#)
  2. Schedule an appointment (Recommended) Bring your valid government-issued ID. Bring payment; we accept credit/debit card, cash, check, and money order.

How do I contact the County of Riverside?

Riverside County Information Line: County Information and…

  1. Address Riverside County Information. 4080 Lemon Street. Riverside, CA 92501.
  2. Phone (800) 237-1286 Toll Free.
  3. Phone (951) 955-1000.

How do I get a certified copy of my divorce decree in Riverside County?

You can request a certified copy of a judgment (divorce decree) either in-person or by mail. The fee for a certified copy of a judgment (divorce decree) by a non-public agency is $15.00 (GC 70674). In person record search requests can be made at any of our court locations.

How do you get married at the courthouse in Riverside County?

To get a marriage license in Riverside, California, you need to go together to the Riverside County Clerk’s office. You will be issued a marriage license if you meet the requirements, fill out the marriage license application, and pay the fee. There are two County Clerk’s offices in Riverside.

How do I get married in court in Riverside County?

What county is Riverside Superior Court in?

The Superior Court of California, County of Riverside continues to follow all California Department of Public Health/ CalOSHA guidelines, and state and local public health orders to ensure the safety of all court users, judicial officers and employees while balancing access to justice during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What are Riverside Court hours?

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Where is the Riverside Superior Court?

The Riverside Superior Court’s Executive Offices and Human Resources Department are located in the Historic Courthouse. Parking is metered on the city streets and handicapped spaces are not designated, but individuals with vehicles displaying a handicapped placard or license plate may park in any space, free of charge.

Where do I file my case?

– Cases are often filed in the county where one or both parties live or have their businesses, but not all cases are supposed to be filed where you live. – The process of identifying which county you should file your case is called “determining proper venue.” – If you need help deciding what county your case should be filed in, talk to a lawyer.