What is the best way to show multiple lines text in the UILabel?

What is the best way to show multiple lines text in the UILabel?

Show activity on this post. To display multiple lines set 0(Zero), this will display more than one line in your label. If you want to display n lines, set n.

How do I know if my UILabel is truncated?

if label has number of line try multiply width with number of line like this if (size. width > label. bounds. size.

How do I change labels in Swift?

iOS UILabel Changing Text in an Existing Label

  1. Swift label.text = “the new text”
  2. Objective-C // Dot Notation label.text = @”the new text”; // Message Pattern [label setText:@”the new text”];
  3. Swift let stringVar = “basic String var” label.text = stringVar.

How do you add a line break in UILabel?

To add line breaks in the text we’ll use \n character in the string we want to assign to the label.

How do you wrap text in UILabel?

If you set numberOfLines to 0 (and the label to word wrap), the label will automatically wrap and use as many of lines as needed. If you’re editing a UILabel in IB, you can enter multiple lines of text by pressing option + return to get a line break – return alone will finish editing.

What is label in Swift?

Label is a user interface item in SwiftUI which enables you to display a combination of an image (icon, SF Symbol or other) and a text label in a single UI element.

How do you find the actual number of lines in Uilabel?

To get a more accurate line count:

  1. Use font. lineHeight instead of font. pointSize.
  2. round() the line count after division.

How do I change my UILabel text?

To change the font or the size of a UILabel in a Storyboard or . XIB file, open it in the interface builder. Select the label and then open up the Attribute Inspector (CMD + Option + 5). Select the button on the font box and then you can change your text size or font.

How do I make a line break in Swift?

5 Answers

  1. If you are setting it to a UILabel’s text property, make sure that the UILabel’s numberOfLines = 0, which allows for infinite lines.
  2. In some networking use cases, use \r\n instead, which is the Windows newline.

What is line break mode?

The technique for wrapping and truncating the label’s text.

How do I change line spacing in UILabel?

“Short answer: you can’t. To change the spacing between lines of text, you will have to subclass UILabel and roll your own drawTextInRect, or create multiple labels.” This is a really old answer, and other have already addded the new and better way to handle this.. Please see the up to date answers provided below.

How do I add padding to UILabel Swift?

If you have created an UILabel programmatically, replace the UILabel class with the PaddingLabel and add the padding: // Init Label let label = PaddingLabel() label. backgroundColor = . black label.

How many lines are there in a default UI label of IOS?

By default when you create a UILabel, the text you set on the label will go in one line and if the text is longer than the width of the label, it will be truncated rather than continued on the next line.

How do I get text height in Swift?

How to calculate height of a multiline String in Swift

  1. import UIKit.
  2. extension String {
  3. func heightWithConstrainedWidth(width: CGFloat, font: UIFont) -> CGFloat {
  4. let constraintRect = CGSize(width: width, height: . greatestFiniteMagnitude)
  5. let boundingBox = self.
  6. return boundingBox.

How do you truncate text in Swift?

string-truncate.swift Truncates the string to the specified length number of characters and appends an optional trailing string if longer. – Parameter trailing: A ‘String’ that will be appended after the truncation. – Returns: ‘String’ object. let str = “I might be just a little bit too long”.

How do you add line spacing in Swift UILabel?

Programmatically using Swift 4 and Swift 5

  1. Image to text OCR using Vision framework.
  2. Reserve image order while uploading.
  3. Increase Line spacing in UILabel in Swift.
  4. Add drop shadow effect to UIView.
  5. Set preferredStatusBarStyle.
  6. Make UISlider’s value changed by step.
  7. Rotate UIImage.
  8. No-architectures-to-compile-for.