What is Synology rsync?

What is Synology rsync?

rsync is a command-line program for syncing files. It is used to sync files from your computer to a remote computer, from a remote computer to your computer, from a folder to another folder on the same computer, from your computer to your external hard drive, from a remote computer to your external hard drive, etc.

How do I rsync from one Synology to another?

You have to enable the service on the destination Synology NAS first.

  1. Go to Control Panel > File Services > rsync.
  2. Tick the Enable rsync service checkbox to enable the Shared Folder Sync service.
  3. Click Apply.

How do I transfer files between two Synology?

Method 3:

  1. Select the files or folders you want to move or copy.
  2. Press Ctrl + X to cut or Ctrl + C to copy the files/folders.
  3. Go to the destination folder on the Synology NAS.
  4. Press Ctrl + V to paste the files/folders.

Does Synology support rsync?

You can use customized rsync configuration, and configure user privileges and backup destination on your Synology NAS.

Can I use NAS without Internet?

No access from the internet will be possible. This includes phones not connected to the internal WiFi. NAS means Network Attached Storage, which means, that the device is, in it’s essence, a small computer with a connected hard drive.

How do I transfer files from Synology NAS to external hard drive?

If your Synology NAS comes with a hardware Copy button, through Copy Button (associated with the frontal USB port) and SD Copy Button (associated with the SD slot) you can copy data between your Synology NAS and any external USB/SD storage devices inserted into the frontal ports.

What port rsync uses?

SSH port 22
As we already know, rsync uses the default SSH port 22 to sync files from remote to localhost and vice versa.

How do I sync two NAS drives?

To sync one NAS to another, tap on “Cloud Sync” to enter in sync interface. Select your NAS 1 account as the source, select NAS 2 as the destination, click on “Cloud Sync” button, and the sync process will start.

How do I mirror two NAS?

Method 1. Mirror NAS to another NAS or other devices via freeware

  1. Click Sync on the left sidebar and then select Basic Sync.
  2. Input a Task Name for your NAS mirror backup to make a distinction between it and other backups.
  3. Click Add Share or NAS Devices.