What is SnapMirror quiesce in netapp?

What is SnapMirror quiesce in netapp?

The snapmirror quiesce command stops a volume or qtree from acting as a SnapMirror destination, but does not prevent it from acting as a SnapMirror source. Note: The quiesced state persists across reboots. Parent topic: Stabilizing destinations before a Snapshot copy.

How do I initialize SnapMirror?

Use the snapmirror initialize-ls-set command to initialize a set of load-sharing mirrors.

How do I check my Snapmirror?

The SnapMirror status check shows information about SnapMirror transfers for volumes or qtrees. You see a status report for any SnapMirror source that contains the base Snapshot copy, and for any destination in a current SnapMirror relationship or listed in the /etc/snapmirror. conf file.

How do I update my Snapmirror?

Use the snapmirror update-ls-set command to update a set of load-sharing mirrors. For extended data protection (XDP) relationships with a snapmirror policy of type async-mirror , a snapmirror update always creates a new Snapshot copy on the source volume.

How do you spell quiesce?

“Quiesce.” Merriam-Webster.com Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/quiesce.

How do I change my SnapMirror schedule?


  1. Create the new schedule by using the job schedule cron create command.
  2. Change the schedule for a mirror relationship by using the snapmirror modify -schedule command.

How do I turn off SnapMirror on Netapp?


  1. Enter the following command on both the source system and destination system to disable SnapMirror: options snapmirror.enable off.
  2. If the snapmirror on command is in the /etc/rc file, remove the command (to keep the current setting after reboot).

What is SnapMirror?

SnapMirror is a feature of Data ONTAP that enables you to replicate data. SnapMirror enables you to copy data from specified source volumes or qtrees to specified destination volumes or qtrees, respectively. You need a separate license to use SnapMirror.

How do I add SnapMirror to netapp 7 mode?

Steps. On the source system console, use the options snapmirror. access command to specify the host names of systems that are allowed to copy data directly from the source system. On the destination system, create or edit the /etc/snapmirror.

What is SnapMirror resync in netapp?

The snapmirror resync command enables you to reestablish a broken SnapMirror relationship without a lengthy baseline transfer. Resynchronization of FlexVol volumes. If there are any changes on the destination system that you need to replicate to the source, you can use qtree SnapMirror to resynchronize data.

How do I add Snapmirror to netapp 7 mode?

How do I create a Snapmirror schedule in netapp?


  1. From the SnapMirror tab or SnapVault tab of the Configure Protection dialog box, click the Create Schedule link in the Relationship Settings area. The Create Schedule dialog box is displayed.
  2. In the Schedule Name field, type the name you want to give to the schedule.
  3. Select one of the following:
  4. Click Create.

What quiesce means?

to become quiet, calm
Definition of quiesce : to become quiet, calm, or silent.

What is quiesce state?

The quiesced state lets administrators perform actions that cannot safely be done otherwise. These actions include: Actions that fail if concurrent user transactions access the same object–for example, changing the schema of a database table or adding a column to an existing table where a no-wait lock is required.

How do I create a SnapMirror schedule in netapp?

What is a DP volume?

A DP-VOL is a volume in a thin provisioning storage system. It is the virtual volume from a DP pool. Data in the DP pool is used via a DP-VOL.

What does the SnapMirror quiesce command do?

The snapmirror quiesce command disables future transfers for a SnapMirror relationship. If there is no transfer in progress, the relationship becomes “Quiesced”. If there is a transfer in progress, it is not affected, and the relationship becomes “Quiescing” until the transfer completes.

How to quiesce the SnapMirror relationship with the destination endpoint?

To quiesce the SnapMirror relationship with the destination endpoint vs2.example.com:dept_eng_mirror2, type the following command: For relationships with “Relationship Capability” of “Pre 8.2”, to quiesce the SnapMirror relationship with the destination endpoint cluster2://vs2.example.com/dept_eng_mirror2, type the following command:

How to quiesce the synchronous SnapMirror consistency group relationship in PVR?

Under PVR control to quiesce the synchronous SnapMirror Consistency Group relationship with the destination Consistency Group cg_dst in Vserver vs2.example.com, type the following command: vs2.example.com::> snapmirror quiesce -destination-path vs2.example.com:/cg/cg_dst