What is religion according to Schleiermacher?

What is religion according to Schleiermacher?

According Schleiermacher, the essence of religion is piety, a feeling of immediate self-consciousness of absolute dependence on a divine entity. The Church of Christianity is the pious communion among believers. Dogmatics is the verbal expression of piety within a frame of descriptions, conceptions and utterances.

What is the importance of the Bible according to Schleiermacher?

In its “witness” to Jesus Christ, indeed, Schleiermacher considers Scripture—“both each individual book in itself and also the collection”—to be “always a work of the Holy Spirit as the common spirit of the church”.

What is Kierkegaard’s philosophy?

For his emphasis on individual existence—particularly religious existence—as a constant process of becoming and for his invocation of the associated concepts of authenticity, commitment, responsibility, anxiety, and dread, Søren Kierkegaard is generally considered the father of existentialism.

Did Schleiermacher believe in the Trinity?

Schleiermacher has been severely criticized for his doctrine of the Trinity, perhaps more than for any other element of his theology.

Who was the father of liberal theology?

Friedrich Daniel Ernst Schleiermacher
Friedrich Daniel Ernst Schleiermacher (1768–1834), often called the “father of liberal theology”, he claimed that religious experience was introspective, and that the most true understanding of God consisted of “a sense of absolute dependence”.

What is the difference between Nietzsche and Kierkegaard?

Kierkegaard’s religiousness emphasizes faith that is in its tension with doubt. The truth in subjectivity is not something that simply exists for all time, but must be wrestled and eventually submitted to. Nietzsche prefers to make truth submit to the will of greatness. Kierkegaard gives over to God.

Which Kierkegaard book should I read first?

Fear and Trembling is always a go-to for academics to get an introduction to Kierkegaard. It’s nice because it’s compact, is relatively straightforward, and has a lot of discussion around it which you can easily access online.