What is Rasamanikya?

What is Rasamanikya?

Rasamanikya is drug used commonly in Ayurveda practice for various therapeutic purposes. Rasamanikya made out of Shuddha Haratala and due to the Manikya (Ruby) colour of formulation it is termed as Rasamanikya. Rasamanikya can be prepared by classical Abhraka Patra method and Sharava Samputa method, etc.

What is the use of gandhak rasayan?

Dabur Gandhak Rasayan helps to treat skin diseases like ringworm, scabies, itching and other fungal infections. It is an ayurvedic medicine which has powerful anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-viral properties. Key Benefits: Used to treat a number of skin ailments such as psoriasis, scabies, eczema and itching.

How do you use Manmath Ras?

Manmath Ras Tablet especially helps in cases of fatigue. About one to two tablets should be taken twice a day. This should be used for as long as needed to reduce tensions in the body and to restore its overall functions. Use under medical supervision.

What is Tal Sindoor?

Tal Sindoor is one of Ayurvedic metallic preparations processed by Kupipakwa method (special processing). As per the present day scenario intake of formulations prepared with heavy metals like mercury and mineral compound like arsenic trisulphide are considered highly toxic.

Can we drink gandhak water?

The dosage of Gandhak Rasayan depends on age, health condition and other factors. The most recommended dosage is around 250 mg to 500 mg twice or thrice daily. It is taken along with water or milk or ghee ,after an hour of having food.

Can we eat gandhak rasayan?

Gandhak Rasayan Tablet helps in preventing itching and burning due to pathological causes and can also treat the pains associated with psoriasis and eczema. Direction for use: 125 to 1000mg of Gandhak Rasayan should be consumed once or twice in a day.

What is Shri Gopal oil?

Baidyanath Sri Gopal Tel (K.Yu) is an Ayurvedic oil enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients. This Tel is used to manage neuromuscular conditions and erectile dysfunction. Baidyanath Sri Gopal Tel is further used to improve libido, memory, concentration and other brain functioning.

What is Ras sindur?

Ras Sindoor is an ayurvedic medicine. It is used to improve immunity, improve strength in cardiac diseases, colicky abdominal pain, urinary tract related diseases and digestive problems..

What is the use of Tamra Bhasma?

One of the widely used metal oxide based Ayurvedic drug is Tamra Bhasma. Tamra Bhasma is derived from metallic copper and is recommended for different ailments of liver and spleen, dropsy, abdominal pain, heart disease, colitis, tumors, anemia, loss of appetite, tuberculosis, as well as eye problems.

Which Bhasma is good for brain?

Yes, Abhrak bhasma is helpful in managing mental weakness and depression which occur due to imbalanced Vata dosha. The Medhya (brain tonic) and vata-balancing properties of abhrak bhasma help reduce the symptoms associated with depression and improve brain functioning.

How can I apply for gandhak?

What is gandhak Ayurveda?

Gandhak is Ayurvedic name of Sulfur or Sulphur. Its atomic number is 16. It is denoted by symbol ‘S’. It is a non-metal with chemical formula S . Occurrence Sulphur is found in the craters and crevices of extinct volcanoes where it has been deposited as a direct sublimation product from volcanic gases.

Is Gandhak Rasayan antibiotic?

Gandhak rasayan is processed with different herbal juices as the dominant ingredient. It is a versatile ayurvedic medicine, that is credited to possess antibacterial, antiviral, and antimicrobial activities.

Which Dosha causes skin problems?

Ayurveda considers Pitta Dosha the primary cause of any skin disease.

Can we take shilajit daily?

Shilajit is available as a powder or as a supplement that can be dissolved in milk or water. A person can dissolve a pea-sized portion of shilajit in liquid and drink it up to three times a day, depending on the instructions on the package. The recommended dose of shilajit is 300 to 500 milligrams per day .

How do you use Sri Gopal oil?

Its antispasmodic properties help in calming painful intercourse or dyspareunia. The oil can also be massaged over breasts for natural Breast enlargement. ShriGopal Taila helps to strengthen abdominal muscles and protects pregnancy. Pour 2 to 5 drops on the affected area or parts and massage gently.