What is postal code of Dang Ghorahi?

What is postal code of Dang Ghorahi?

22400Ghorahi / Zip code

What is Nepal’s postal code?

Postal code of Kathmandu is 44600, postal code of Pokhara is 33700, postal code of Biratnagar is 21900, postal code of Birgunj is 44300, postal code of Nepalgunj is 21900, postal code of Lalitpur is 44700, postal code of Bhaktapur is 44800, postal code of Bharatpur (Chitwan) is 44200.

Which province is Dang?

Dang district is located in inner terai in province no. 5 in midwestern of Nepal. The bordering districts to the north are Pyuthan, Rolpa, Salyan, to the south is Utterpradesh of India, to the east are Argakhachi, Kapilvastu and to the west are Surkhet , Banke.

What is the postal code of Kavrepalanchok Nepal?


Suburb, Locality Postal code
Dolal Ghat 45215
Ghartichhap 45201
Gumati Bhanjyang 45204
Kavrepalanchok 45200

What is the 6 digit PIN code of Nepal?

For example: If you are entering a 6-digit postal code for Kathmandu, Nepal in Apple ID form, enter “044600” in the postal code field box, where “44600” is postal code of Kathmandu.

What is the area of Dang?

1,141 mi²Dang / Area

The district covers an area of 2,955 km2 and has a population of 548,141 (2011 census). Admin HQ. Dang district has been archeologically studied extensively since the 20th century due to the discoveries of ancient fossils of apes and early humans.

What is the capital of Dang?

The Province 5 Assembly has endorsed the provincial government’s proposal to establish the provincial capital in Bhalubang (Deukhuri valley) of Dang. During voting held on Tuesday, 69 of 87 lawmakers voted for Bhalubang as the capital.

Which province is Dhulikhel?

Bagmati Province

Dhulikhel धुलिखेल Shikhalapur
Country Nepal
Province Bagmati Province
District Kavrepalanchok District

Which province is kavre?

Kavrepalanchok District

Kavrepalanchok District काभ्रेपलाञ्चोक जिल्ला
Location of district in province
Country Nepal
Province Bagmati Province
Admin HQ. Dhulikhel

How do I know my ZIP postal code?

Whatismyzip.com is a free fast web app to define your postal code. Just allow it to use your current location info and in a few moments you’ll see the zip code of the area you are in. It also provides your probable address with a fragment of Google map.

Which zone is Dang district?

This district consists of the larger easterly and upstream portions of the parallel Inner Terai valleys of Dang and Deukhuri, plus enclosing ranges of hills and mountains….Geography and Climate.

Climate zone Elevation Range % of Area
Upper Tropical 300 to 1,000 meters 1,000 to 3,300 ft. 69.9%

What is Dang known for?

Dang is situated in the Midwestern region of Nepal. The valley is rich in ancient temples, varied ethnic groups, places with immense historical values, languages, landscapes, lakes, and varied biological flora and fauna. Rapti and Babai are the two major rivers which flow through the district.

Is Dang capital of Nepal?

Dang District (Nepali: दाङ जिल्ला, [daŋ]) is a district of Lumbini Province located in the Inner Terai of midwestern Nepal. Deukhuri valley of the district is the capital of the province and is the second largest valley of Asia surrounded by Sivalik Hills and Mahabharata Range.