What is Piezography?

What is Piezography?

Piezography is the highest-quality, and most-archival, digital black and white ink printing system ever invented. Traditional Piezography has finely calibrated hues: Carbon, Selenium, Warm Neutral, Neutral, and Special Edition. Piezography Pro has two hues (Warm and Cool) that get blended together in endless variation.

What is digital negative in film?

A digital negative is a negative image printed onto a transparency film using an inkjet printer. Once the original image is in your computer it can be edited “to taste” and prepared for lots of really interesting alternative photographic printing processes.

How do you turn negatives into Cyanotypes?

Using a foam brush, evenly coat a piece of watercolor paper with equal parts ferric ammonium citrate and potassium ferricyanide. Once fully dry, layer the negative over your coated paper and “expose” your image using either a UV lamp or plain old sunlight. Rinse the final print with clean water.

What is Quadtone rip?

Quad Tone Rip is a versatile software package that offers a simple turnkey method of printing black & white images on a variety of inkjet printers.

What is digital negative format?

Digital Negative (DNG) is a publicly available archival format for raw files which are generated by various digital cameras. This addresses the lack of an open standard for raw files created by individual camera models and ensures that photographers easily access their files.

Are DNG files as good as raw?

DNG files are generally 15-20% smaller than RAW files, but the difference in quality is minimal. A DNG file can also save the original RAW file within itself. This doubles the size, but is also a nice safeguard. DNG files also strip out select information to decrease the size and simplify storage and editing.

How do you make a cyanotype digital negative?

I create the digital negative by printing a reversed image onto an overhead transparency film. I place it on top of the cyanotype paper and expose this layered “sandwich” to UV light. The cyanotype paper reacts with the UV light such that the positive image is baked onto the paper.

How do I use Print Tool?

Print-Tool Tutorial

  1. Open image in Photoshop. a. Size image to print- 300 dpi. b.
  2. Open Print-Tool. a. Select correct printer. b.
  3. Open image in Print-Tool. a. Drag and drop/ click plus sign. b.
  4. Select correct print driver settings. a. Printer settings. → roll paper or sheet.
  5. Ensure paper is loaded correctly, then press print!