What is OCI and cXML?

What is OCI and cXML?

The OCI and cXML-PunchOut plugins are proprietary developments of Smartstore AG for the Smartstore E-Commerce System and are included in the Smartstore Enterprise Edition.

What is OCI protocol?

Open Catalog Interface (OCI) is a standard protocol developed by SAP for punch-out catalogs that connect buyers’ procurement systems with suppliers’ eCommerce systems. OCI is an alternative to cXML.

What is a PunchOut catalog?

A punchout catalog is a catalog that resides on a supplier’s e-commerce site but is viewable by customers who are using their own company’s procurement applications to make purchases. It uses a tool that redirects buyers from their procurement app to the supplier’s website.

What is cXML format?

cXML (or Commerce XML) is an XML-based standard developed by the eProcurement industry in the late 1990’s. It is a standardized version of XML that allows transactions to sent and received between a buyer and a seller’s system.

What is OCI PunchOut?

OCI punchout is an Open Catalog Interface-based mechanism that integrates a customer’s purchasing system with a merchant’s web shop. Buyers leave (“punch out”) the purchasing system and access the merchant’s web shop within one session.

What is OCI driver?

The OCI driver is a type 2 JDBC driver and uses native code to connect to the database. Thus, it is only an option on platforms that have native Oracle drivers available and it is not a “pure” Java implementation. Oracle’s JDBC Thin driver is a type 4 JDBC Driver that uses Java sockets to connect directly to Oracle.

What is OCI Punchout?

Why is it called punchout?

Ariba, now owned by SAP and known as SAP Ariba, named the process “PunchOut” because users would literally “punchout” of their procurement application to access the supplier’s catalog, then “punch” back in to process the order after checkout.

What is the difference between cXML and EDI?

The only difference is that information is sent in an electronic format such as cXML, XML or EDI. The most common format for e-Invoices on e-Procurement platforms is cXML. It is the most flexible format and easiest to implement. Examples of e-Procurement systems that use cXML are Ariba, Coupa and SciQuest.

What is difference between cXML and XML?

cXML is an XML-based language and follows standard XML syntax. XML is a text markup language for interchange of structured data. It lets designers create their own customized tags, enabling the definition, transmission, validation, and interpretation of data between applications and between organizations.

What is punch out integration?

Punchout catalogs integrate supplier ecommerce stores with buyer eProcurement platforms. They allow buyers to shop on supplier ecommerce stores from within their eProcurement platforms, with purchase order and invoice data automatically exchanged between buyer and seller.

What is supplier Catalogue?

The Supplier Item Catalog provides a simple mechanism for locating items and their source information for the purpose of creating purchase order and requisition lines. You can open the catalog from an existing requisition or purchase order and add lines to that document.

Who developed Punch-Out?

NintendoNintendo Integrated Research…

How does a Punch-Out work?

Punch-Out, or Punchout refers to a digital system in which a supplier allows customers to browse his product catalogs online and then purchase goods or services within the client’s e-procurement system.

How is cXML different from XML?

cXML is a subset of XML. XML has many subsets, and each is specialized for a particular field. cXML is specific to commerce, hence commerce-XML or cXML. For whatever text a programmer wants to use to define fields, cXML has a specific list called “Schemas.”

What is cXML vs XML?

Is cXML the same as EDI?

Was ist Open Catalog Interface?

Open Catalog Interface (OCI) ist eine offene und standardisierte Katalogdatenschnittstelle zum Austausch von Katalogdatensätzen zwischen SAP-„ E-Procurement “-Systemen (meist „SAP Enterprise Buyer Professional“, kurz EBP) und beliebigen anderen Katalogen.

What is OCI in Open Icecat?

In the open catalogue project Open Icecat, a separate OCI is defined for the exchange of multimedia data between multilingual product catalogs. The OCI format is used to define the field mapping between the supplier’s catalog and the SAP SRM shopping cart, to ensure that the data is transferred accurately and completely between source and receiver.

What is the OCI format used for?

The OCI format is used to define the field mapping between the supplier’s catalog and the SAP SRM shopping cart, to ensure that the data is transferred accurately and completely between source and receiver. This standard is used instead of XML or cXML .

Was ist der bestellprozess der externen shopsystems via OCI?

Der Bestellprozess des externen Shopsystems, welches via OCI angesprochen wird, ist stark verkürzt, da hier weder Adressdaten noch Versand- oder Zahlungsarten eingegeben bzw. gewählt werden müssen.