What is NodeMCU V3 ESP8266?

What is NodeMCU V3 ESP8266?

NodeMCU is a Wi-Fi card designed to be used in IoT projects. It is based on an ESP8266 circuit and all its pins are available. In addition, a voltage regulator has been added, as well as a USB programming port. You can program with LUA or through the Arduino IDE.

What is the difference between NodeMCU V2 and V3?

Turns out that V3 is a “version” invented by producer LoLin to signify minor improvements to the V2 boards. Among others they claim their USB port to be more robust. If you compare the pin layout there’s only a tiny difference to the V2 layout.

How do you upload codes to NodeMCU V3?

Step 3: Code…

  1. In arduino IDE goto tools>Boards>select NODEMCU 1.0 (ESP – 12E Module)
  2. again goto tools and select port.
  3. Change the Wifi name and password from the following code.
  4. Now click on Upload button to upload the following code.

What is a NodeMCU used for?

NodeMCU is an open source platform based on ESP8266 which can connect objects and let data transfer using the Wi-Fi protocol. In addition, by providing some of the most important features of microcontrollers such as GPIO, PWM, ADC, and etc, it can solve many of the project’s needs alone.

What is NodeMCU used for?

How do you power a NodeMCU V3?

Power Required By NodeMCU Nodemcu operates at 5v & 3.3V. For 3.3V there is already an LDO voltage regulator to keep the voltage steady at 3.3V. NodeMCU can be powered using Micro USB jack and VIN pin (External Supply Pin).

Can we supply 5V to NodeMCU?

Can I connect 9V battery to NodeMCU?

The output from the Voltage regulator is connected to the Vin pin of NodeMCU & GND is connected to GND. Hence you can power up the module using 9V/12V DC Adapter or by 9V Battery. On the other hand, if you don’t want to power up the NodeMCU using DC Adapter, you can use 3.7V Lithium-Ion or Lithium Polymer Battery.

Can I power NodeMCU with 12v?

Yes. Your 48 V 13Ah battery has 624Wh capacity. If you use a 48v to 12v dc-dc converter, you can get 12vdc and a capacity of 52Ah.

How connect 9V battery to ESP8266?

9V Alkaline Block Battery for ESP8266 With a 9V block battery, you can use the VIN pin of the ESP8266 NodeMCU, that is internal connected with the 3.3V AMS1117 voltage regulator and therefore you need no external components.