What is Nimesulide tablet used for?

What is Nimesulide tablet used for?

Nimesulide is a cyclooxygenase 2 inhibitor used to treat acute pain and primary dysmenorrhea. Nimesulide is a relatively COX-2 selective, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) with analgesic and antipyretic properties.

Is Nimesulide good for pain?

Medicinal Benefits. NIMESULIDE is composed of nimesulide, primarily used to treat mild to moderate pain. NIMESULIDE works by blocking the effect of a chemical known as prostaglandin, responsible for inducing pain and inflammation in the body.

Is Nimesulide harmful?

Nimesulide must be withdrawn worldwide due to serious liver damage. Nimesulide exposes patients to fatal liver damage. When a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug is needed, it is better to use one with a favourable benefit-harm balance such as ibuprofen.

Can I take Nimesulide everyday?

Nimesulide is used to relieve fever and pain. Oral form: Take Nimesulide with food as advised by your doctor. Ensure that the treatment course is completed. This medicine should not be used for more than 15 days at a time.

Which is better nimesulide or paracetamol?

Nimesulide was as effective as paracetamol in reducing fever, local pain, and general discomfort. Nimesulide therefore appears to be at least as effective as paracetamol in terms of antipyretic and anti-inflammatory activity in children with inflammation of the upper respiratory tract and fever.

Does Nimesulide affect kidney?

In some cases the iatrogenic oxalate nephropathy leads to endā€stage renal failure. In our patient, fortunately, renal function recovered completely. This observation indicates that nimesulide can provoke acute renal failure as a result of an obstructive crystalline nephropathy.

Is nimesulide safe for headache?

Can I take Nimesulide for a headache? Nimesulide can be taken for a headache only when prescribed by your doctor in limited dosage. As it has a proven history of treating mild migraines, Nimesulide works best and is effective when taken for headaches as prescribed.