What is Neoprobe used for?

What is Neoprobe used for?

Neoprobe is useful for Breast, Melanoma, Prostate, and limited applications for Cervical, and Head & Neck cancers. It is also used for Parathyroid procedures.

How does a gamma probe work?

A gamma probe is a handheld device containing a scintillation counter, for intraoperative use following injection of a radionuclide, to locate sentinel lymph nodes by their radioactivity. It is used primarily for sentinel lymph node mapping and parathyroid surgery.

What is a Neoprobe gamma detection system?

The Neoprobe GDS (Gamma Detection System) console, with Bluetooth wireless technology, detects the presence of gamma rays emitted from radioactive isotopes in body organs or tissue.

What are sentinel lymph nodes?

A sentinel lymph node is defined as the first lymph node to which cancer cells are most likely to spread from a primary tumor. Sometimes, there can be more than one sentinel lymph node.

What is a TruNode?

Minimally Invasive Node Detection The TruNode system enhances breast surgery as a high performance, sterile, single-use, wireless gamma probe. Designed for the most common radio-guided surgical procedures, including sentinel lymph node biopsy.

What is a lymphoscintigraphy?

(LIM-foh-sin-TIH-gruh-fee) A method used to check the lymph system for disease. A radioactive substance that flows through the lymph ducts and can be taken up by lymph nodes is injected into the body. A scanner or probe is used to follow the movement of this substance on a computer screen.

What is ex vivo count?

He/she will look for any node with ‘ex-vivo’ counts of greater than 3 to 4 times the normal axillary basin count. ‘Ex vivo’ means the procedure is happening ‘outside of an organism’. This means that a sample of blood cells are taken from the patient, combined with the dye or colloid, and injected back into the patient.

How long do Savi Scouts stay in place?

The SCOUT device standard of care use is placement up to 365 days prior to surgery to assist surgeons in the localization and retrieval of breast/axillary lesions.

Who owns SAVI SCOUT?

Cianna Medical said today that the Savi Scout reflector, part of its system for wire-free breast tumor localization, won FDA clearance as the first non-radioactive implant without a restriction on the length of time that the reflector can remain in a patient’s breast.

What machine is used for lymphoscintigraphy?

We perform lymphoscintigraphy using a gamma camera — a specialized camera that detects radiation and takes pictures from different angles. A computer helps create the images from the data obtained by the camera.

How painful is a lymphoscintigraphy?

Other than the needle and IV placement, the lymphoscintigraphy is completely painless.

Can I skip radiation after lumpectomy?

A new study suggests some low-risk breast cancer patients can omit radiation after lumpectomy. After surgery, some cancer patients can safely skip radiation or chemotherapy, according to two studies exploring shorter, gentler cancer care.

What does Savi stand for?

Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention. SAVI.

What does SAVI SCOUT stand for?

The SAVI SCOUT® surgical guidance system is an innovative technology that allows Memorial Breast Cancer Center surgeons to more accurately pinpoint lesions prior to surgery. The sophisticated technology helps surgeons with: Tumor localization. Surgical planning.

What is the neoprobe gamma detection system?

The Neoprobe Gamma Detection System delivers accurate guidance with a high level of adjustable sensitivity providing you with control and confidence. It’s about making your Gamma Detection count…

Why choose neoprobe Bluetooth probes?

Neoprobe’s bluetooth probes deliver outstanding directionality and sensitivity, ensuring highly accurate localization of targeted tissue during gamma detection procedures 1. Neoprobe GDS provides quick, easy startup with no calibration, no preventative maintenance, and one-touch remote count functionality from within the sterile field.

What is the neoprobe GDS?

The Neoprobe GDS is the only gamma system in the US to provide surgeons with remote functionality from within the sterile field. Target counts and 10-second counts can both be performed remotely from any of our four Bluetooth probes, keeping control in the hands of the surgeon.

What does the neoprobe consist of?

The Neoprobe consists of a console, probe, battery (for wireless bluetooth probe), and the power cord. Would you like more information on our surgical products?