What is Magne-Traction?

What is Magne-Traction?

Magne-traction is simply a wavvy edged snowboard instead of the classically straight, traditional snowboard edge. It was developed a little over a decade ago by Lib Tech and pioneers Steven Cobb and Mike Olson.

What boards have Magnetraction?

Generally magnetraction is used on rocker boards (which normally have a weaker edge hold than camber boards) which gives them the advantage of a loose riding feel, but edges when you need them.

What is Lionel Magnetraction?

Magne-Traction was a feature Lionel introduced in the 1950s. By putting magnets in the driver wheels, a Magne-Traction train can pull more, climb steeper grades, and run at higher speeds without derailing on sharp curves.

Who invented Magne Traction?

Magne traction was created by Steven Cobb and Mike Olson at Lib Tech in 2003. Since it’s creation Magne traction has won 15 Transworld Good Wood awards and over 20 Future magazine awards.

What is camber for snowboards?

Camber and rocker describe the curve of a ski or snowboard when you look at them from the side. Skis and snowboards with camber have midsections that arch off the snow slightly when unweighted, while skis and snowboards with rocker have midsections that rest on the snow and tips and tails that curve up.

Can you sharpen Magne Traction?

Use the One Ball Jay Magne-Traction Edge Sharpener for sharpening your Magne-Traction edges. This small tool fits right into grooves so you can get yours on.

What angle should my snowboard edges be?

Typical angles are 1.0 to 3.0 degrees. Less angle equals less grip. Slalom angles can be 3.0 to 5.0 degrees; downhill up to 3.0 degrees. A racer should start at 3 degrees.

Why is it called Lib Tech?

Born from the ashes of GNU snowboards, Lib Tech has been at the forefront of ecological design and cutting edge technology since the late 80’s. The name comes from when founder Mike Olson put cloth from a jumper into a skateboard prototype.

Where is Lib Tech factory?

Sequim, Washington
Lib Tech produces snowboards, skateboards and now surf boards from their manufacturing base near Sequim, Washington in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.

Who is Lib Tech owned by?

Mervin Manufacturing
Lib Technologies is an American snowboard manufacturer known for its radically innovative approach to snowboard design. Often referred to as Lib Tech, the company falls under the umbrella of parent company Mervin Manufacturing. Surf company Quiksilver bought Mervin in 1997.

Where is Lib Tech made?

Every Lib Tech Ski is proudly made in the USA (near Canada) in our state of the art ZERO HAZARDOUS WASTE factory Mervin Mfg.

What is snowboard Magne Traction?

This system is used to provide more contact points with the snow, which in turn will give the snowboard more grip on hard packed snow or icy conditions. Most snowboards without Magne traction have two contact points on the snow which are found at the widest points at the nose and tail.

Should you use Magne Traction on a split board?

Jeremy Jones is a big advocate for using Magne traction in the backcountry. Even though it has no impact when riding powder it helps skinning up-hill whilst using a split board. On a split boards the Magne traction edge becomes the inside edge of each ski creating more grip for those kick turns.

What is a Magne-Traction edge?

Although magne-traction is now used as a general term for any snowboard edge having waves, the true Magne-Traction edge has seven bumps or ‘teeth’. Each manufacturer using this design has their own individual reasons for the number of waves they use, but the underlying principles are still the same.

How does Magne-Traction work on snowboards?

The other reason magne-traction works for increased control is that there is more total edge area in contact with the snow. For example, if you have a 158cm traditional snowboard, the effective edge length might be around 120cm. For straight edge snowboards, that is also the total length of the edge area in contact.