What is happening with Lindeman Island?

What is happening with Lindeman Island?

The resort on Lindeman Island, off Airlie Beach, suffered significant damage from Cyclone Yasi and was forced to close in 2011, sitting dormant ever since. Last year, the government approved with conditions a mega proposal to redevelop Lindeman Island Resort that, all going well, will be completed by 2022.

Who owns Lindeman island?

White Horse Holding
The resort was the first Club Med established in the Whitsunday Islands and in 1992 became the only Club Med village in Australia. Lindeman Island resort was closed on 31 January 2012. On the 27 April 2012 it was purchased by White Horse Holding, a Chinese firm, for $12 million.

Can you stay on Lindeman Island?

For further exploration you can spend the day visiting uninhabited islands nearby Lindeman just a short boat ride away. Currently, the only accommodation facilities available are camping because of the closure of the resort.

Is South Molle Island still open?

In 2016, the island was bought by a Chinese company, but was destroyed by Cyclone Debbie only a few months later. As of 2019, the resort remains closed and in disrepair.

Is Dunk Island Open for Business?

Dunk Island is currently open for day trippers and campers. The resort remains closed until further notice.

Why did Brampton Island close?

Brampton Island, another tourist hotspot by the coast of Mackay, was closed a year after United Petroleum bought the site for $5.9 million in 2010. Plans to build a resort in the island were never materialised. The island was listed for sale just last year.

Who owned Brampton Island?

In 1985, Trans Australia Airlines purchased Brampton Island, upgraded the resort and subsequently sold it to P&O Resorts in late 1997. Three million dollars was spent on a major refurbishment of the resort before it was purchased by Voyages.

Who owns South Molle Island resort?

In 2019, South Molle Resort owners, CCIG Australia, undertook a $140 million redevelopment of nearby Daydream Island.

Who owns North Molle Island?

Molle Islands is a national park in North Queensland, Australia, 913 km northwest of Brisbane….Molle Islands National Park.

Molle Islands National Park Queensland
Area 18 km2 (6.9 sq mi)
Managing authorities Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service
Website Molle Islands National Park

Who owns Hamilton Island now?

Bob Oatley
Current ownership Bob Oatley and his family later came to purchase Hamilton Island in 2003 and, following an exceptional investment and development program, they now present a world-class destination that promises leisure, lifestyle, adventure and escape in a region of incredible natural beauty.

What happened to Great Keppel island resort?

Tower Holdings paid $16.5 million for the famous resort in 2006, before shuttering it in 2008 as the Global Financial Crisis began. When that threw 120 people out of work, initial anger was concentrated at Tower CEO Terry Agnew.

Who owns Hayman Island now?

In June 2004, Mulpha Australia acquired Hayman, and, in January 2010, after almost six years of planning, design and environmental consultations, the final approvals were granted.

How much is Bob Oatley worth?

He bought Hamilton Island, Queensland in 2003 for $200 million, he also owned retirement homes and a villa in Sardinia, Italy….Bob Oatley.

Bob Oatley AO, BEM
Died 10 January 2016 (aged 87) Pittwater, New South Wales, Australia
Occupation Businessman winemaker yachtsman