What is DP in profile pic?

What is DP in profile pic?

DP means “display picture” or, less commonly, “display photo.” It’s the image representing you on a social network or any website. This acronym is widely used on Twitter, but it can also crop up anywhere on the internet or even in real-life conversations.

What is WhatsApp DP?

(i) DP: Display Picture Display picture can be defined as: “A highlighted picture of one person on social media or other internet chat profile to represent his visual identity.” It is also known as profile picture, but as it does not portray your profile, most people prefer to call it a Display Picture (DP).

What is DP text?

display picture
What Does DP Mean in Text. DP might have several interpretations, but its most popular use is “display picture.” Basically, it refers to a user’s profile picture on various social media sites.

What is full name of DP?

DP(Display Picture) Another full form of DP is Display Picture. DP is a photo commonly used for posting to a social networking site such as Facebook, Twitter, and so on. To represent his visual style, DP can be identified as a highlighted picture of one individual on social media or other web chat profile.

How do you make your profile picture a cartoon?

Once you’ve uploaded the photo you want to transform, simply tap on it, and the app will turn it into a four-square of cartoons. Then, tap the arrow in the upper right corner to save the photo to your camera roll, and you can then upload the photo to Facebook as your profile picture.

What is a military DP?

D.P.—which stands for “Deserter Pursuit”—is a real-life unit of the Korean army’s military police that chases after AWOL soldiers.

How can I hide my WhatsApp DP from others?

How to hide DP in WhatsApp for a particular person

  1. Open WhatsApp on your phone.
  2. Go to Settings > Account > Privacy.
  3. Select Nobody from the Profile Photo drop-down menu.