What is countersinking in drilling?

What is countersinking in drilling?

Countersinking is done to insure that flat head screws sit flush to the work piece. A countersink produces a conical hole matching the angle of the screw so that when the screw is fully engaged the head will sit flush or slightly below the surface.

How are countersunk holes made?

A Countersunk Hole is made with use of a drill bit and treating a laser cut hole with the bit to taper out the countersink. Unless otherwise specified, countersunk holes are of a diameter 0.10-. 015″ larger than the basic size of the laser hole at .

Why is it called countersinking?

They are called “countersunk screws” because they “sink” into objects and surfaces. They feature a flat head that tapers along the shaft. Therefore, when you drive a countersunk screw into an object or surface, the head will sink so that it’s flush with the respective material.

What countersunk means?

countersink. / (ˈkaʊntəˌsɪŋk) / verb -sinks, -sinking, -sank or -sunk (tr) to enlarge the upper part of (a hole) in timber, metal, etc, so that the head of a bolt or screw can be sunk below the surface. to drive (a screw) or sink (a bolt) into such an enlarged hole.

What is countersunk washer?

Definition: Countersunk washers are available in three styles to fit most applications. Countersunk washers serve the same function as a flat washer, but they provide a bearing surface for flat head screws. An additional application is providing a sealing function for flat head screws.

Can I use a washer on countersunk screw?

Pinnacle Hardware washers are specifically designed for countersunk head screws. The countersunk head screw sits in the washer neatly to achieve a flush finish your desired the surface.

How do you measure a countersink?

QUICKLY MEASURE COUNTERSINK DIAMETERS Simply press the spring loaded, exact angle Gaging Plunger into the countersink and read the dial directly in . 002″ or 05mm diameter increments on the dial face or optional digital indicator. The COUNTERSINK GAGE is a direct reading gage.