What is Corolle?

What is Corolle?

noun. corolla [noun] (biology) the petals of a flower.

Where are Corolle babies made?

The loveliest dolls in the world; beautiful AND vanilla scented!

Are Corolle dolls made in China?

Made in France, Corolle has been a trusted doll brand for years.

Who owns Corolle?

Corolle, now owned by Mattel, are a French export now available in the United States.

Can BABY Alive go in water?

Can the doll get a bath? A. Do not submerge doll in water; Dolls are not intended for bath-time play.

Can OG dolls get wet?

Print. Our Generation dolls are not meant to be put in the bath and we do not recommend that you get her wet in any way, as this will ruin your doll.

Can you wash the Leyadoll?

In general, all Leyadolls are machine-washable in cold water on the gentle cycle. However, to protect its personalization, it is highly suggested to wash your personalized leyadoll by hand and lay it flat in the air to dry naturally.

Do BABY born dolls cry?

I can cry Now BABY born can cry real doll tears even more easily by softly pressing ther upper chest.

Can water Babies go in the bath?

They can take it into the pool and the bath.

Do Our Generation dolls have soft bodies?

They have hard vinyl limbs and head and a cuddly body made from skin tone nylon filled with new polyester fibre. Their bodies are filled enough so that they remain tactile to hold but they also stand up on their own easily.

Can American girls enter water?

While cleaning your American Girl doll, always cover her eyes to avoid getting water in them, which can cause rust, and try to keep her soft-fabric body and her hair as dry as possible. And remember, never submerge your doll in water.

How long does it take for Leyadoll to arrive?


Regions Free Shipping Express Courier
United Kingdom 15-25 days 3-10 days
Australia 15-30 days 3-10 days
Europe 10-25 days 3-10 days
Rest of World 10-25 days 3-10 days

What is a Layla doll?

Description. Beautiful 18 inch Doll Layla is a beautiful 18 inch doll that has vinyl arms and legs and a soft body. she is posable and can stand on her own. she has soft and silky hair that can be styled.