What is coordinate example?

What is coordinate example?

A set of values that show an exact position. On graphs it is usually a pair of numbers: the first number shows the distance along, and the second number shows the distance up or down. Example: the point (12,5) is 12 units along, and 5 units up.

What is the coordinate plane?

A coordinate plane is a two-dimensional plane formed by the intersection of a vertical line called the y-axis and a horizontal line called the x-axis. These are perpendicular lines that intersect each other at zero, and this point is called the origin….Coordinate Plane.

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What is an example of translation in math?

A Translation is a transformation that moves every Point in a figure the same distance in the same direction. For example, this transformation moves the parallelogram to the right 5 units and up 3 units. It is written ( x , y ) → ( x + 5 , y + 3 ) .

What are the real life example of coordinate geometry?

Coordinate geometry is used to manage and regulate air traffic. The coordinates of the flight are used to describe the aircraft’s current location. Even if an aircraft moves a tiny distance (up, down, forward, or backward), the system updates the coordinates of flight for every small change in its position.

How do you translate a coordinate plane?

In the coordinate plane we can draw the translation if we know the direction and how far the figure should be moved. To translate the point P(x,y) , a units right and b units up, use P'(x+a,y+b) .

When you turn a shape in the coordinate plane it is called a?

A transformation is the movement of a geometric figure on the coordinate plane. A rotation is a type of transformation which is a turn. A figure can be turned clockwise or counterclockwise on the coordinate plane. In both transformations the size and shape of the figure stays exactly the same.

What is an example of a translation in real life?

A brick wall The pattern of the bricks is a good example of translation. The patterns are achieved by displacement of bricks horizontally and vertically without changing the size, shape or orientation of the bricks.

How is the coordinate plane used in real life?

The latitude and longitude lines on maps of the Earth are an important example of spherical coordinates in real life. With the r-coordinate fixed at the radius of the Earth, the two-dimensional latitude and longitude plane is used to specify the location of different places on the surface of the Earth.

How do you explain coordinate geometry with examples?

The abscissa and ordinate is used to represent the position of a point on a graph. The horizontal value or the X axis value is the abscissa while the vertical value i.e. the Y axis value is the ordinate. For example, in an ordered pair (2, 3), 2 is abscissa and 3 is ordinate.

What are coordinate planes used for in real life?

What does it mean to rotate an object on a coordinate plane?

A rotation occurs when an image turns around a center of rotation with every point of the rotated image remaining the same distance from the center of rotation. For now, you will specifically be looking at 90°, 180°, and 270° rotations around the origin.

What’s a real world example of a rotation?

Clock Ticking. The minute, hour, and second hand of a clock rotate in a circular direction, keeping the pinpoint as the centre or the axis of rotation. Hence, the hands of a clock are said to be exhibiting rotatory motion.

What is a real life example of a rotation?

In real-life, we know the earth rotates on its own axis, which is an example of rotation. A group of people holding their hands and forming a circle and walking in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction. A globe of map rotating on its axis.

What is a coordinate plane?

A coordinate plane is a two-dimensional surface formed by two number lines. It is formed when a horizontal line called the X-axis and a vertical line called the Y-axis intersect at a point called the origin. The numbers on a coordinate grid are used to locate points. A coordinate plane can be used to graph points, lines, and much more.

What are co-coordinates?

Coordinates are a set of two values that locate a specific point on a coordinate plane grid, better known as a coordinate plane. A point in a coordinate plane is named by its ordered pair of the form (x, y), which is written in parentheses, corresponding to the X-coordinate and the Y-coordinate.

What is the horizontal number line on a coordinate plane called?

The horizontal number line on a coordinate plane is known as the x-axis. The vertical number line on a coordinate plane is known as the y-axis. A point on a coordinate plane is named by its x-coordinate followed by its y-coordinate in parentheses. To unlock this lesson you must be a Study.com Member.

What is the x-axis of a coordinate plane?

A coordinate plane consists of two number lines that intersect, one running horizontally, the other running vertically. The horizontal number line on a coordinate plane is known as the x-axis.