What is Competition Commission of Mauritius?

What is Competition Commission of Mauritius?

The Competition Commission is a statutory body established in 2009 to enforce the Competition Act 2007. This Act established a competition regime in Mauritius, under which the Competition Commission can investigate possible anticompetitive behavior by businesses.

What does a Competition Commission do?

JURISDICTION OF THE COMPETITION COMMISSION The Commission has the mandate to investigate all competition concerns as envisaged by the Act. These include restrictive practices, abuse of dominance, exemptions from the application of the Act and mergers and acquisitions.

Does the Competition Commission still exist?

The Competition Commission closed on 1 April 2014. Its functions have transferred to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

What are the powers of Competition Commission?

Undertake competition advocacy, create public awareness and impart training on competition issues. Ensure smooth alignment of sectoral regulatory laws and competition laws. Ensures that foreign companies abide by the country’s competition laws.

What happened to the Monopolies Commission?

The MMC was replaced by the Competition Commission in 1999.

How do I complain about a competition?

You can also submit your report by email to [email protected] or by post to: Competition Division, Financial Conduct Authority, 12 Endeavour Square, London E20 1JN….Report competition law infringements

  1. Current Start.
  2. The subject of the complaint, its conduct and effects.
  3. Market conditions.
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Is Competition Commission a tribunal?

The Competition Appellate Tribunal is a statutory organization established under the provisions of the Competition Act, 2002 to hear and dispose of appeals against any direction issued or decision made or order passed by the Competition Commission of India under sub-sections (2) and (6) of section 26, section 27.

Who runs the CMA?

Competition and Markets Authority

Authority overview
Employees 859; 831 FTEs (2021)
Authority executives Jonathan Scott, Acting Chairman Andrea Coscelli, Chief Executive
Parent department Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
Child Authority Office for the Internal Market

How do I contact competition and markets Authority?

If you need assistance filling out this form, please email [email protected] or call 020 3738 6511 or 020 3738 6144. If you are unable to get through to someone, please leave a voicemail and a member of the team will get back to you.

How do I report a competition?

using the online reporting form. email: [email protected]. call: 020 3738 6888.

Who is the Chairman of Competition Commission?

Ashok Kumar Gupta
The Commission. Ashok Kumar Gupta is a 1981 Batch IAS officer of the Tamil Nadu cadre. He has had an illustrious career of 40 years in public service spanning across sectors from industry, finance, health to defence production.

What are the objectives of the Competition Act?

The purpose of the Competition Act of 1998 is to promote and maintain competition in South Africa to achieve the following objectives: To promote the efficiency, adaptability and development of the economy. To provide consumers with competitive prices and product choices.

Who does competition law apply?

This mainly applies to businesses that have a large market share, usually 40 per cent or more. Other factors taken into consideration in determining whether a company is dominant include the number and size of competitors and customers and whether new businesses can easily set up in competition.

What is competition authority?

A Competition Authority is the name given to a competition regulator in certain countries. It is a government agency, typically a statutory authority, sometimes called an economic regulator, which regulates and enforces competition laws, and may sometimes also enforce consumer protection laws.

When was the competition authority established?

The Norwegian Competition Authority was established on 1 January 1994, at the same time as the Norwegian Competition Act and the Price Policy Act came into effect. However, the history of Norway’s pricing and competition authorities can be traced all the way back to the start of World War I.

How do I report unfair competition?

How do you report anti competitive practices?

PLEASE NOTE: To file a report about fraud, scams, and bad business practices, visit ReportFraud.ftc.gov. NOTE: E-mail is not secure. Confidential information should be marked “Confidential” and sent via regular mail.

How do I file a complaint with the CCI?

Any person can file an application or information before the Secretary of Commission. CCI has to judge if there is a prima facie case or not within 15 days. If CCI finds that there is a prima facie case, it has to form its opinion on the case within 60 days. However, in practice, it takes much longer.

What are the penalties provided under Competition Act 2002?

Penalties under Competition Act, 2002 For instance, if there’s a breach of orders provided under section 42(2) of the act, “then the person or entity shall be punished with imprisonment which may extend up to 3 years or with a penalty of 25 crores as the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate of Delhi may deem fit.”