What is CommServe LiveSync?

What is CommServe LiveSync?

The CommServe LiveSync feature keeps the CommServe server ready for disaster recovery and provides the ability to quickly failover to a designated standby host in the event of a disaster.

What are CommServe Dr procedures?

Disaster Recovery (DR) backups, performs a backup of the CommServe and other databases installed with the CommServe software. In the event of an actual disaster, you can use DR backups to recover the CommServe database on the same or new host.

What is commvault disaster recovery?

Commvault Disaster Recovery is part of Commvault’s Intelligent Data Services Platform that enables organizations to proactively simplify and manage the complexity of enterprise data.

What is RTO and RPO in commvault?

This report allows you to specify the Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) for your environment, and then view the Actual Recovery Point (RPA) and Actual Recovery Time (RTA) for each client.

When configuring a CommServe disaster recovery backup What is the recommended location where the backups should run?

Recommended: Store the DR backup in a dedicated network location that is accessible from both the CommServe hosts. If this network location is on Windows mount path, then ransomware protection is enabled by default.

What is proxy in commvault?

Virtual Server Agent (VSA) proxies are used to perform backup and restore operations. Any machine where the VSA is installed can act as a VSA proxy. Different proxies are used for different hypervisors.

What information is stored in the CommServe database?

The CommServe® software is responsible for storing a metadata SQL database which contains all the information for the CommCell component. The software provides the facility to retrieve this data in the event of a disaster or system failure.

What is CDR in commvault?

CDR software provides nearly real-time replication of file system or application data employing wizards and policies for configuration tasks that simplifies the basic operations and monitoring of data replication activities.

Can RTO be greater than RPO?

RPO), so RPO does not need to be less than RTO or vice-versa – you could have an RTO of 24 hours and an RPO of 1 hour, or an RTO of 2 hours and an RPO of 12 hours. For example, an e-commerce site may need to be online 4 hours after a disruption, so RTO is 4 hours.

What is RTO in disaster recovery?

The recovery time objective (RTO) is the target period of time for downtime in the event of IT downtime while recovery point objective is the maximum length of time from the last data restoration point.

What is the default location for the local CommServe copy of the DR backup?

During the export phase, the software copies a metadata backup of the CommServe database to the default staging directory that is in software_installation_directory\CommserveDR.

What is VSA in commvault?

The VSA is installed on computers that can perform backup and restore operations for a specific hypervisor platform. When adding the Command Center to an existing Commvault deployment, ensure that the following requirements are met: At least one machine must have the Virtual Server Agent installed.

What is VSA proxy in commvault?

You can deploy the Virtual Server Agent (VSA) software package on one or more machines to protect virtual infrastructure. A machine with the VSA package acts as a dedicated access node (also called a “VSA proxy”) to start and manage backups and restores.

What is commvault architecture?

The architecture of Commvault Complete Backup and Recovery comprises core components that you can scale up or scale out to meet your needs for efficiency and performance. You can start with a single Compute Engine VM, running all components and distribute them independently as your environment grows.

What is replication in disaster recovery?

Disaster recovery replication refers to creating exact copies of data, either within a single location or between a main location and alternative one(s).

What happens to the CommServe host during maintenance failover?

When a maintenance failover is initiated, the production CommServe host is shutdown, and the standby CommServe host is brought online in READ ONLY mode, so that Clients can communicate with the standby CommServe host for restore operations only.

What happens if CommServe a fails?

A failure in the CommServe system can result in the entire CommCell group becoming non-functional. Therefore, it is essential that you plan and build a disaster recovery process to protect your CommServe database and host.

What is CommServe and how does it work?

CommServe functionality provides centralized management and administration for the entire CommCell group. A failure in the CommServe system can result in the entire CommCell group becoming non-functional. Therefore, it is essential that you plan and build a disaster recovery process to protect your CommServe database and host.

What is the purpose of test failovers in CommServe?

Test failovers can be performed to test the failover process and to verify that the services are successfully started in the standby CommServe host after a failover. For more information, see Verifying Disaster Readiness.