What is choreograph in music?

What is choreograph in music?

Choreography is the art of creating a dance routine by grouping together and organizing different dance moves into sequences and patterns that can be done to a specific song, beat, or melody. Dancers who practice the art of choreography are called choreographers.

What is the instrument of dance?

The origins of the instrument are not known. The practice of clicking hand-held sticks together to accompany dancing is ancient, and was practiced by both the Greeks and the Egyptians….Castanets.

Percussion instrument
Classification hand percussion
Hornbostel–Sachs classification 111.141 (Directly struck concussive idiophone)

What do you need to choreograph a dance?

How to choreograph a dance: 10 tips from the pros

  1. Study the Music.
  2. Watch the Pros.
  3. Plan for Audience and Venue.
  4. Think About Dance Style.
  5. Focus on the Basic Elements.
  6. Don’t Start at the Beginning.
  7. Try Choreographing Without Music.
  8. Embrace Post-Modernism.

Is dance an instrument?

In the Old Testament the pipe was associated with merrymaking and praise. In this context, “dance” clearly refers to an instrument, not a physical activity. It is worth noting that of the many instruments listed for use in the sanctuary, the timbrels were not included among those cited.

What are the musical instruments used to accompany the dance?


  • The most well-known northern Indian double skin drum that is used especially for accompanying the old northern Indian Dhrupad style, is the Pakhawaj (similar to the Mridangam in southern India).
  • Has its roots in the word banse that means bamboo.

How do you choreograph a musical?

Things You Should Know Before Choreographing a Musical

  1. Know the Music and the Show Inside-out. Get a copy of the Broadway soundtrack and DVD.
  2. Communicate with the director and staff.
  3. Keep things simple.
  4. Be aware of the space.
  5. If you are stuck for ideas, don’t panic.
  6. Be able to imagine the end result.

What are examples of choreographic devices?

Choreographic devices, including: motif and development. repetition….Action content, including:

  • travel.
  • turn.
  • elevation.
  • gesture.
  • stillness.
  • use of different body parts.
  • floor work.
  • transfer of weight.

Why is choreography important in musical Theatre?

When choreographing for musicals, the choreographer is part of the telling the story, just like the the director and actors. The songs are in the play to enhance the story and characters, so the choreographer’s job is to create dance moment for the actors to do that help tell the story.