What is Chavo Guerrero finisher?

What is Chavo Guerrero finisher?

Wrestling facts Finishing moves. ​As Chavo Guerrero. ​Frog Splash – adopted from and used as a tribute to his uncle Eddie Guerrero (2005–present) Gory Bomb (Innovated) – 1995–present.

What was Eddie Guerrero special move?

Gory Special A move adopted from his father, Gory Guerrero, the Gory Special is a back-to-back submission hold. Guerrero hooks both his arms onto his opponents whilst facing the opposite direction. Then, he hoists the victim onto his own back, stretching them across it.

How did Chavo Guerrero died?

He was the oldest son of Salvador “Gory” Guerrero, and part of the Guerrero wrestling family. He was the oldest WWE Cruiserweight Champion….

Chavo Guerrero Sr.
Born January 7, 1949 El Paso, Texas, U.S.
Died February 11, 2017 (aged 68) El Paso, Texas, U.S.
Cause of death Liver cancer
Family Guerrero

What happened to the WWE Cruiserweight Championship?

The championship was then retired on January 4, 2022; Carmelo Hayes defeated Roderick Strong to unify the title into the NXT North American Championship, with Hayes recognized as the final Cruiserweight Champion.

What is the definition of a Bushwhackers?

Definition of bushwhack 1 transitive : to attack (someone) by surprise from a hidden place : ambush … the American banditti robbed trains and bushwhacked stagecoaches and settlers’ caravans with equal enthusiasm for fistic violence and gunplay.—

What does Chivo mean in Spanish slang?

cool, awesome
(El Salvador, Costa Rica, slang) cool, awesome (said of a thing) synonym ▲ Synonyms: see Thesaurus:guay.

What does Chava mean in Spanish slang?

History and Etymology for cheeba perhaps borrowed from American Spanish argot chiva “heroin” (Spanish chivo, chiva “young goat, kid,” with many regional and argot senses in American Spanish, perhaps of pre-Latin origin), though the sense shift from “heroin” to “marijuana” is unexplained.

Is Finn Balor a cruiserweight?

He also wrestled for a number of independent promotions, becoming a one-time ICW Zero-G Champion, one-time RPW British Cruiserweight Champion and a two-time NWA British Commonwealth Heavyweight Champion.

Where did the term bushwhacked come from?

also bush-whacker, 1809, American English, “woodsman, one accustomed to life in the bush,” literally “one who beats the bushes” (to make his way through), perhaps modeled on Dutch bosch-wachter “forest keeper;” see bush (n.) + whack (v.).

What is a Bushwacker in the Old West?

“Bushwhacker” was a Civil War term that designated the lowest and meanest type of guerrilla fighter, particularly the Confederates, who often hid in inaccessible places and ambushed lone or small groups of Union troops. The name lived on in the Old West to describe an assassin who killed from a hiding spot.