What is Bell aircraft today?

What is Bell aircraft today?

Bell Helicopter became the only part of Bell Aircraft still producing aircraft when Bell was purchased by the Textron Corporation. That part of Textron is now known today as Bell Helicopter.

What does Bell Helicopter do?

role in Textron Inc. Bell Helicopter, with headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, makes civil and military rotary-wing craft, including the commercial 206B JetRanger III, the AH-1W SuperCobra attack helicopter, and the OH-58D Kiowa…

Can a helicopter fly as fast as Airwolf?

No. Under basic conditions, supersonic speed is 768 mph, and the fastest single-rotor helicopter on earth is the Westland Lynx at 249.09 mph. Less than 1/3 the speed of sound. So single-rotor helicopters are nowhere near capable of supersonic flight like they do in Airwolf.

What kind of aircraft is the bell V280 Valor?

Bell V-280 Valor. The Bell V-280 Valor is a tiltrotor aircraft being developed by Bell and Lockheed Martin for the United States Army’s Future Vertical Lift (FVL) program. The aircraft was officially unveiled at the 2013 Army Aviation Association of America’s (AAAA) Annual Professional Forum and Exposition in Fort Worth, Texas.

What kind of helicopter is a V280?

V-280 Valor Helicopter The V-280 Valor is a third-generation tilt-rotor vertical lift helicopter being developed by the US-based aircraft manufacturer, Bell Helicopter Textron.

When was the first V-280 Valor mockup released?

On 21 October 2013, Bell unveiled the first full-scale mock-up of the V-280 Valor at Association of the United States Army 2013. On 11 August 2014, the Army informed the Bell-Lockheed team that they had chosen the V-280 Valor to continue with the JMR demonstration program.

What is the top speed of a V 280?

V-280 in flight with rotors tilted to hover configuration. The V-280 is designed for a cruising speed of 280 knots (320 mph; 520 km/h), hence the name V-280, a top speed of 300 knots (345 mph; 556 km/h), a range of 2,100 nautical miles (2,400 mi; 3,900 km), and an effective combat range of 500 to 800 nmi (580 to 920 mi; 930 to 1,480 km).