What is automatic railway gate control system?

What is automatic railway gate control system?

Automatic Railway Gate Control System with High Speed Alerting System is an innovative circuit which automatically controls the operation of railway gates detecting the arrival and departure of trains at the gate.

What is unmanned railway crossing?

The station master has to telephone the gateman to close the gate; the gateman closes the gate and confirms that back; and only then is the train allowed to cross. A lapse on anyone’s part can cause an accident. So after unmanned, the next front for the Indian Railways is its busiest manned level crossings.

Which technology is used to identify wild animals crossing railway tracks?

Infrared beams can be used for detecting elephant movements and acoustic devices can be utilised to scare them away from the tracks. Vulnerable stretches, which are known for frequent and large number of accidents, can be identified and tracks there can be realigned.

How many railway gates are there in India?

There are a little over 19,000 manned level crossings in the country as of now. Another set of data shows, the Railways produced 4,484 LHB coaches in April-December 2019 compared to 3,121 in April- December 2018 which is a jump of almost 44 per cent.

Which of the following state has the most elephant deaths on railway lines?

According to the data by the Project Elephant Division of the Ministry, Assam accounted for the highest number of elephant casualties on railway tracks (62), followed by West Bengal (57), and Odisha (27).

What is the height of railway gate?

Its height shall be 2100 mm. from the rail level to the underside and the post on which it is fixed, painted with 300 mm. high bands in white and black. It shall not be lighted at night.

Do birds get killed by trains?

The thousands of kilometers of railways with people travelling at speeds of more than 155 m/h can generate unwanted effects, such as the mortality of birds being run over, a fact that until now had not been analyzed or quantified.

How many birds are killed by trains?

Collisions were recorded in 47.0% of the journeys. As a whole, the data are equivalent to a mortality of 0.0029 birds per km traveled by a high-speed train (i.e., one collision every 349.8 km).

What is elephant tail?

The Tail. This is a CLOSE UP of an Elephant’s tailpiece and they have a few uses. For example, elephants use their tails to communicate with each other; much like a dog, a swishing or wagging tail can signify happiness or excitement.

What are railroad gates called?

Other names include railway level crossing, railway crossing (chiefly international), grade crossing or railroad crossing (chiefly American), road through railroad, criss-cross, train crossing, and RXR (abbreviated).

What is toucan crossing?

Toucan. Crossings are designed for both pedestrians and cyclists and are typically used adjacent to a cycle-path (Cyclists are not allowed to cross the road using Zebra, Pelican or Puffin crossings). They have the same signals as Pelicans, but include a green cycle symbol alongside the green man.

What is the minimum distance of gate posts from Centre line of track?

Details Dimensions and details for Various classes of crossings
Minimum distance of Gate posts from centre Line of track. For MG and N. G. 2.5 metres
Minimum distance of Gate lodge from- (a) Centre line of Nearest track. 6 metres 6 metres
(b) Edge of Road metalling. 6 metres 6 metres
Old Standards:— 6 metres 3 metres