What is August 12th known for?

What is August 12th known for?

This Day in History: August 12 On this day in 1877, American inventor Thomas Alva Edison made perhaps his most original discovery, the phonograph, and his early recordings were indentations embossed into a sheet of tinfoil by a vibrating stylus.

What is August 1st known for?

On August 1st, National Girlfriends Day encourages women across the U.S. to get together and celebrate their special bond of friendship.

What happened on August 5th in history?

1962 – Apartheid: Nelson Mandela is jailed. He would not be released until 1990. 1962 – American actress Marilyn Monroe is found dead at her home from a drug overdose. 1963 – Cold War: The United States, the United Kingdom, and the Soviet Union sign the Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

What events happened in August 2012?

Here are the key events in United States news for the month of August 2012….August 2012 Current Events: U.S. News

  • Six People Are Killed in Wisconsin Sikh Temple Shooting (Aug.
  • Romney Chooses Ryan as His Running Mate (Aug.
  • Bad Weather Delays the Republican National Convention (Aug.

What famous person has a birthday on August 12?

Here are some of the notable people celebrating birthdays today, including Cara Delevingne, Casey Affleck, Lakeith Stanfield, Rebecca Gayheart, Yvette Nicole Brown and more.

What happened August 13th?

This Day in History: August 13 On this day in 1521, Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés captured Tenochtitlán (now Mexico City) after a 93-day siege, thereby ending the Aztec empire and winning Mexico for the crown of Spain.

What happened on August 2nd?

This Day in History: August 2 Iraq invaded Kuwait on this day in 1990, and Saddam Hussein’s subsequent refusal to withdraw his troops sparked the Persian Gulf War, in which an international force led by the United States quickly defeated Iraq.

What is celebrated on 2 August?

National Coloring Book Day and National Icecream Sandwich Day are celebrated on August 2nd.

What happened on August 6th?

President Harry Truman orders the Enola Gay to drop the atom bomb on Hiroshima, Cy Young joined major league baseball, the first woman swims the English Channel, and Jamaican independence is declared in This Day in History video. The date is August 6th.

What happened on the 4th of August 2012?

4 Aug, 2012 Michael Phelps Wins 18th Gold The win brought his total Olympic medals to twenty-two and of those eighteen are gold. This was his last Olympic event before he stated he would go into retirement.

Is August 13 a special day?

National Prosecco Day, National Filet Mignon Day and National Left Handers Day are all celebrated on August 13th.

What happened on the 3rd of August?

On August 3, 1492, Christopher Columbus set out on his first voyage to what came to be known as the New World. With three ships and a crew of ninety, Columbus hoped to find a western route to the Far East. Instead, the Nina , the Pinta , and the Santa Maria landed in the Bahama Islands.

What is celebrated August 3rd?

Watermelon Day

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What is celebrated on 3 August?

What happened on 9th August?

This Day in History: August 9 During the Roman Civil War of 49–45 bce, Julius Caesar’s troops on this day in 48 decisively defeated the army of Pompey at the Battle of Pharsalus, causing Pompey to flee to Egypt, where he was subsequently murdered.

What happened in the world in August 2012?

Here are the key events in world news for the month of August 2012. Syria Sinks Further into Civil War (August): Kofi Annan resigns as UN special envoy to Syria, citing the Syrian government’s refusal to implement his peace plan, intensifying violence by rebels, and discord within the Security Council.

What happened in 2012 in New Orleans?

Jan 9 College Football, 14th BCS National Championship, Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans: #2 Alabama beats #1 LSU, 21-0 Jan 9 “Time is Love” single released by Josh Turner (Billboard Song of the Year 2012) Jan 11 38th People’s Choice Awards: Johnny Depp & Emma Stone win (Movie Star) and Nathan Fillion & Nina Dobrev win (TV Drama)

What are the National days of August in America?

1 National V-J Day 2 National Creamsicle Day 3 National Code Talkers Day 4 National Bowling Day – Second Saturday in August 5 National Garage Sale Day – Second Saturday in August

What are the National Beer Days in August?

1 National Root Beer Float Day 2 National Fresh Breath Day 3 National Wiggle Your Toes Day 4 International Beer Day – First Friday in August 5 National Water Balloon Day – First Friday in August