What is aspirin UPSA?

What is aspirin UPSA?

What is ASPIRIN UPSA used for? This medicine contains aspirin, which has many properties: analgesic and antipyretic, but also anti-inflammatory in high doses, and blood thinner. It is used : to lower fever and in the treatment of various pains, in the treatment of inflammatory rheumatism.

What is UPSA vitamin C?

This medicine is indicated in adults for: treatmentofvitamin C deficiency (scurvy), temporary states of fatigue. 2. WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW BEFORE TAKING VITAMIN C UPSA 1 g, effervescent tablet.

What is aspirin C used for?

Aspirin C is an effective treatment for headache, sore throat, pains and fever associated with colds. Aspirin C contains ascorbic acid, commonly known as vitamin C. Its effervescent-tablet form turns Aspirin C into a refreshing and easy-to-take medicine.

Can I take vitamin C with aspirin?

Aspirin and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) — Both aspirin and NSAIDs can lower the amount of vitamin C in the body because they cause more of the vitamin to be lost in urine. In addition, high doses of vitamin C can cause more of these drugs to stay in the body, raising the levels in your blood.

How many aspirin C can you take?

You should not take Aspirin-C on an empty stomach. The single dose can be taken at intervals of 4 to 8 hours if necessary, up to a maximum of 3 doses a day.

Is it OK to take vitamin C and aspirin?

Aspirin also interferes with absorption of vitamin C, and regular use of aspirin can deplete your gastrointestinal lining of vitamin C. Taking equal doses of vitamin C and aspirin decreases the amount of stomach damage that occurs when compared to taking aspirin alone, according to research done at a German university.

Can I take vitamin E and aspirin together?

aspirin vitamin E Talk to your doctor before using vitamin E together with aspirin. Products containing vitamin E may increase the effects of aspirin and cause you to bleed more easily. You may need a dose adjustment or more frequent monitoring by your doctor to safely use both medications.

What aspirin is good for?

Aspirin is a common drug for relieving minor aches, pains, and fevers. People also use it as an anti-inflammatory or a blood thinner. People can buy aspirin over the counter without a prescription. Everyday uses include relieving headache, reducing swelling, and reducing a fever.

Which vitamin is best for sleep?

Magnesium Magnesium is perhaps the most important vitamin or mineral when it comes to sleep.