What is an IBISWorld report?

What is an IBISWorld report?

Each IBISWorld Industry Research Report offers actionable insights, comprehensive data and in-depth analysis. Get a quick and intelligent overview of any industry with key statistics and analysis on market characteristics, operating conditions, current and forecast performance, major industry participants and more.

How do I find information about an industry?

If you’re looking for the Industry Facts tool in the future, remember you can find it on the bea.gov homepage in the Factsheets section. (Click on Industry GDP.) You can also find Industry Facts at the top of bea. gov’s industry page.

Do all companies have a SIC code?

Every company has a primary SIC Code. This number indicates a company’s primary line of business. A company’s primary SIC Code is determined by the code definition that generates the highest revenue for that company at a specific location in the past year.

Is NAICS the same as SIC?

What is the difference between a SIC and a NAICS code? NAICS codes provide a greater level of detail about a firm’s activity than SIC codes. NAICS includes 1,170 industries and SIC includes 1,004 industries. There are 358 new industries recognized in NAICS, 250 of which are services producing industries.

How do I get free IBISWorld reports?

Best of all, you can access IBISWorld online from home with your free State Library membership. Industry report databases are useful if you are looking for a broad view of an Australian industry.

What is my IBISWorld?

IBISWorld is a comprehensive industry-market research database which covers every US industry with a 5-digit NAICS code. IBISWorld offers also similarly detailed research on selected industries in China and worldwide.

How do I find my UK SIC code?

There are three ways to find your code on the Companies House pages:

  1. Use the Find Company Information link on the home page. Type in your company name or registration number.
  2. Look through the list to find the 5 digit code against your type of business.
  3. Use the search facility for your type of business activity.