What is an example of inconsequential?

What is an example of inconsequential?

The definition of inconsequential is something unimportant or something that doesn’t matter. When you do silly busywork that makes no difference and that no one will look at, this is an example of work that would be described as inconsequential. Having no consequence, not consequential, of little importance.

What are inconsequential things?

You can use the adjective inconsequential to describe things that just don’t matter or are of no relevance, as in “the rainy forecast is totally inconsequential — the bowling tournament is inside!” It also describes things that don’t make sense in a certain order, “trying to win their votes is inconsequential: the …

What is inconsequential evidence?

1 : of no significance : unimportant. 2a : irrelevant. b : illogical.

What is a sentence for inconsequential?

Inconsequential sentence example. Maybe she hadn’t thought of it because it seemed inconsequential at the time. On the way, Dean chatted about inconsequential things but pointedly asked about school. The rest is inconsequential.

What is the best synonym for inconsequential?

In this page you can discover 26 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for inconsequential, like: unimportant, insignificant, irrelevant, trivial, paltry, slight, immaterial, measly, petty, inconsequent and little.

Is Unconsequential a word?


What is a word for something that doesn’t work?

(also kaputt), malfunctioning, nonfunctional, nonoperating.

Is Nonconsequential a word?


What are the antonyms of inconsequential?

antonyms for inconsequential

  • consequential.
  • important.
  • significant.
  • useful.
  • valuable.
  • worthwhile.

What does gluff mean?

New Word Suggestion. An area of sticky residue, such as glue or caramel, on a surface that has become covered with dust, fluff or similar dry material.

How do you spell Insequential?

This shows grade level based on the word’s complexity. of little or no importance; insignificant; trivial. inconsequent; illogical.

What is the word for a pointless task?

absurd, aimless, fruitless, futile, impotent, inconsequential, ineffective, ineffectual, insignificant, irrelevant, meaningless, powerless, silly, stupid, trivial, unnecessary, unproductive, useless, worthless, inane.

What is a word for doesn’t matter?

•never mind (interjection) nothing, stop.

What is the root word of inconsequential?

inconsequent (adj.) 1570s, “not following as a logical conclusion,” from Latin inconsequentem (nominative inconsequens) “not logically connected, not resulting from what has preceded,” from in- “not, opposite of, without” (see in- (1)) + consequens, past participle of consequi “to follow” (see consequence).

Is fluff a real word?

Fluff is a light, soft mass, such as cotton or a cloud, as in After I shaved my head, the hair that grew back was soft, like fluff. To fluff something means to shake or puff out something, as with pillows.

Is Inconsequentially a real word?

Meaning of inconsequentially in English in a way that is not important: They chatted inconsequentially about this and that.

What is a meaningless task?

Examples of meaningless tasks include: unnecessary analyses, prototypes of well understood low risk entities, documents that are unnecessary because they are never used for anything.

What’s another word for pointless?


  • empty,
  • inane,
  • meaningless,
  • senseless.