What is an Arabic word that means a journey?

What is an Arabic word that means a journey?

سَفَر [safar] {noun} journey (also: travel, traveling, travelling)

What does the Arabic word Qasr mean?

Noun. qasr (plural qasrs) A palace or castle in Middle Eastern countries.

What is the root word for travel?

Etymology. The origin of the word “travel” is most likely lost to history. The term “travel” may originate from the Old French word travail, which means ‘work’. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, the first known use of the word travel was in the 14th century.

What words mean travel?


  • journey,
  • peregrinate,
  • pilgrimage,
  • tour,
  • trek,
  • trip,
  • voyage.

What JAMA means?

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) is a peer-reviewed medical journal published 48 times a year by the American Medical Association.

What does Qasr mean in Urdu?

a palace
क़स्रقصر a palace, a mansion.

How do you say travel in different languages?

In other languages travel

  1. American English: travel /ˈtrævəl/
  2. Arabic: سَفَر
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: viagem.
  4. Chinese: 旅行
  5. Croatian: putovanje.
  6. Czech: cestování
  7. Danish: rejse.
  8. Dutch: reis.

What is another word for long journey?

What is another word for long journey?

long haul trek
journey marathon
trip expedition
peregrination passage
odyssey travel

What does JAMA mean in Islam?

Muslim: from a derivative of Arabic jāmiʿ ‘author writer’ literally ‘gatherer (of texts)’.

What is JAMA in Urdu?

जामाجامہ robe, garment, gown. वस्त्र

What is Qasr e Sultani?

क़स्र-ए-सुल्तानीقصر سلطانی royal palace.

Who invented travel?

Thomas Cook, (born November 22, 1808, Melbourne, Derbyshire, England—died July 18, 1892, Leicester, Leicestershire), English innovator of the conducted tour and founder of Thomas Cook and Son, a worldwide travel agency. Cook can be said to have invented modern tourism.