What is a YSI sonde?

What is a YSI sonde?

The YSI 6920 V2-2 sonde is an economical water quality logging system, ideal for long-term in situ monitoring and profiling. Real-time turbidity monitoring, dissolved oxygen monitoring, algae monitoring, and more. Instrument only.

What is a water quality sonde?

YSI EXO2 Water Quality Sonde The EXO2 water quality sonde is a new YSI multi-parameter instrument that collects data with seven user-replaceable sensors, a central wiper to keep sensors clean of biofouling, and an integral pressure transducer for depth.

What is multiparameter sonde?

HYDROLAB water quality multiparameter sondes offers a versatile, durable and practical solution to the day to day needs of monitoring programs for both simple and complex deployments. Portable and flexible, the multiparameter sondes helps you quickly monitor watershed conditions.

What is a data Sonde?

The datasonde data show daily and seasonal variation in key water quality parameters (e.g., dissolved oxygen, salinity) at select sites in the watershed. Similarly, these data can be used to understand differences in water quality across key gradients in the watershed.

What is a YSI meter?

The YSI ProDSS (digital sampling system) is a portable water quality multiparameter instrument for the measurement of several critical parameters – dissolved oxygen (optical), total algae, turbidity, pH, ORP, conductivity, specific conductance, salinity, TDS, resistivity, TSS, ammonium, ammonia, chloride, nitrate.

What do sondes measure in the ocean?

A CTD or sonde is an oceanography instrument used to measure the electrical conductivity, temperature, and pressure of seawater (the D stands for “depth,” which is closely related to pressure). Conductivity is used to determine salinity.

What is water meter parameter?

Parameters that are frequently sampled or monitored for water quality include temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity, ORP, and turbidity.

What is a multiparameter?

Definition of multiparameter : measuring or involving more than one parameter a multiparameter monitoring device multiparameter testing.

How much does a YSI meter cost?

Designed for use in applications such as surface water groundwater, coastal waters, and aquaculture, the rugged and reliable ProDSS allows for measurement of up to 17 parameters….Additional Information.

Item Description Purchase Price
ProDSS Conductivity and Temperature Sensor $665.00
ProDSS Turbidity Sensor $1,045.00

What can a sonde measure?

What does CTD measure?

A CTD — an acronym for Conductivity, Temperature, and Depth — is the primary tool for determining essential physical properties of sea water.

What is a multiparameter instrument?

Multi Parameter Loggers (Sonde) are designed to work autonomously recording water quality data. Typical parameters include pH, ORP/REDOX, Conductivity, Salinity, TDS, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, Rhodamine, Chlorophyll and Depth. Some units have special optical or nutrient sensors.

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What is the exo2 sonde?

The EXO2 is the latest sonde platform offering from YSI. The EXO2 multiparameter sonde collects data with six user-replaceable sensors, a central wiper to keep sensors clean of biofouling, and an integral pressure transducer for depth. Smart Ports: Each sensor port on the sonde accepts any EXO water quality sensor and automatically recognises it.

How many sensor ports does the exo multiparameter sonde have?

Multiparameter Water Quality Sonde with 7 sensor ports (including a central wiper port), optional depth sensor, no battery compartment EXO Multiparameter Sondes — the best-in-class platform for the highest quality data.

How do I compare the exo sonde water quality monitoring products?

Learn more about the entire EXO sonde water quality monitoring platform. Click the “compare” check box for comparable products listed below and then click the “Compare Selected” button to review features and capabilities.

How does the exo go connect to my sonde?

EXO GO uses Bluetooth to connect any Windows OS device to a submerged EXO sonde. Add an EXO Factory Service Plan to your next sonde purchase and have the peace of mind that your new instrument is covered. Use today’s budget to protect your investment for years to come!