What is a White IPA?

What is a White IPA?

What’s a white IPA? White IPA blends American-style IPA with Belgian wit for a refreshing drink with spicy flavors. The high hop notes of American IPA mix with the wheat-based character of a Belgian wit, creating a large white head that sticks around.

What makes an IPA a White IPA?

The white IPA is basically a marriage of two distinct beer styles; the American IPA with its high hop character and the wheat-based Belgian Wit with its refreshing and spicy presence.

What does White IPA taste like?

White IPAs are the perfect marriage of an IPA and a Witbier, balancing bready, lightly creamy wheat with a bold, aromatic hop profile. This style also features citrusy and spicy flavor notes from the orange peel and coriander traditionally found in White IPAs.

What hops to use in a White IPA?

Hops. American hops really should be showcased in this beer. A traditional bittering charge at 60 minutes is a nice place to start with your hop schedule. Something like Chinook or Simcoe will give the beer a nice bitterness.

Is White Beer Hoppy?

White beer is defined as an unfiltered, top-fermented wheat beer. White beers traditionally contain few hops to keep the bitterness low.

What makes a beer a hazy IPA?

Filtration (or Lack Thereof) The primary reason that hazy IPAs are cloudy has to do with filtration. Hazy IPAs are unfiltered, so lots of particulate matter remains, creating the cloudy effect. (Not filtering the beer also helps the delicate aromas and flavors stay behind.)

What is the difference between a Pale Ale and an IPA?

Sessionability. The balance and lower ABV lead to Pale Ales being more of a session beer whereas IPAs are packed with flavour and attitude for everyone who cares less about malt and enjoys a hoppy kick. These are the ways we have defined our Pale Ale and IPA.

Is Blue Moon a white ale?

Belgian-Style Wheat Ale A wheat beer brewed with Valencia orange peel for a subtle sweetness and bright, citrus aroma. Blue Moon® Belgian White Belgian-Style Wheat Ale is garnished with an orange slice to heighten the citrus aroma and taste.

Is white ale bitter?

The English Pale Ale, much like our Extra Pale Ale, stays true to the original recipe. American Pale Ales tend to be a bit more bitter, while Blonde Ales are bit more malty in flavor.

Is Heady Topper a Hazy IPA?

Heady Topper is a double IPA-style beer with an 8-percent ABV. The beer is unpasteurized and unfiltered, giving it a hazy look and full-bodied mouthfeel.

Why are hazy IPAs less bitter?

The careful planning of malt and hops, along with less filtering before packaging, yields a beer with lower perceived bitterness than other IPAs and hop character that’s decidedly fruity—you’ll often hear “juicy” as a flavor descriptor, like a tasty bite of ripe citrus.

Which is stronger IPA or Pale Ale?

While IPAs are more intense than Pale Ales, that statement is directly dependent on the level of intensity of the Pale Ale. So one brewery’s Pale Ale may be stronger and more bitter than someone else’s IPA; and vice versa.

What is a white IPA and should you try one?

The white IPA is basically a marriage of two distinct beer styles; the American IPA with its high hop character and the wheat-based Belgian Wit with its refreshing and spicy presence. So, what brought these two unique beer styles, which seem to have so little in common, together?

What is an IPA and what does it taste like?

The relatively low octane take on an IPA is perfect for an afternoon on the paddleboard or a post-bike ride quencher. Deschutes worked with Boulevard Brewing to create the original recipe, which included add-ons like white sage and orange peel. An important aspect of the style is its use of wheat, per Belgian tradition.

What are some good spices to add to a white IPA?

The two traditional spices of the Belgian Wit are coriander and bitter orange peel. These have largely carried over into the White IPA style. It is very easy to overdue spices in brewing. Use restraint.

What is the BJCP classification for White IPA?

The BJCP classifies the White IPA beer style under category number 21, “IPA” and it can be found in the guidelines as sub-category (21B), “Specialty IPA.” In total, there are six “Specialty IPA” styles included in the BJCP guidelines. Aside from White IPA, these include the following: