What is a standard size vanity sink?

What is a standard size vanity sink?

On average, circular or oval sinks range between 16” to 20” wide, while rectangular sinks can be found between 19” and 24” wide and 16” to 23” front to back. In terms of depth, a vanity sink usually ranges between 4” and 8”, though larger sinks may be 10” deep.

What size do bathroom vanity sinks come in?

Bathroom Vanity Sink Sizes Bathroom sinks come in standard oval and round designs. These sinks generally measure between 16 to 20 inches in diameter. Standard rectangular sinks average between 19 to 24 inches in width and 16 to 23 inches in length.

What are standard sizes for bathroom vanities?

Standard widths for vanity cabinets are 24, 30, 36, 48, 60 and 72 inches, however, you may find some in-between sizes out there. The standard depth of a vanity, from front to back, is typically between 20 to 21 inches. However, there are narrow depth options available which are usually 18 inches.

What is a good size bathroom sink?

The most common size for a pedestal bathroom sink is between 22” to 28”. A pedestal bathroom sink will almost always be within this size range with a few exceptions. The width of these sinks will typically be 17” to 20” depending on the shape and style.

How do I know what size vanity sink I need?

Rectangular or square sinks will be measured by length and width. Typically if you are measuring out your space for a sink, you should take the interior width and length of the install space, most commonly a cabinet or vanity against the size of the the actual sink.

Is round or square sink better?

If you are shopping for a sink for your large bathroom, you should consider a square or, most preferably, a rectangular one. Conversely, if you are shopping for a sink for a much smaller space, then a round or oval-shaped sink is the most ideal.

What is the best type of bathroom sink to buy?

Porcelain and vitreous china are commonly used in the bathroom. This is most likely because porcelain provides a classic look and is easy to clean. Enameled cast iron has a high-gloss finish and is considered the most durable bathroom sink material.