What is a NS&I number?

What is a NS&I number?

This is the unique ID number we sent you when you registered for our online and phone service. (If you’ve opened an account online or by phone already, you’re automatically registered). You’ll need your NS&I number and password whenever you log in or call us.

How do I contact NS&I by email?

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  1. Email us.
  2. 0800 092 1228 for our dedicated Adviser Helpline.
  3. @nsandihelp.

How do I find out my Nsandi number?

Finding your NS&I number You’ll find your NS&I number on any letter you’ve had from us since you’ve registered. It will be 11 digits long and starts with an 11, 21, 31 or 41. You can quickly get a reminder of your NS&I number online, using your name, date of birth and postcode.

How long does it take to transfer money from NS&I to bank account?

2 to 3 banking days
When you make a bank transfer, the money takes 2 to 3 banking days to reach your account. This is because NS&I is not a bank, so we can’t receive payments directly into individual NS&I accounts – they have to go through our clearing bank first.

Where is NS&I based?

Pimlico, London
Operations. NS&I’s head office is in Pimlico, London, with operational sites in Blackpool, Glasgow, Birkenhead and Durham.

Is NS&I number same as holder’s number?

NS&I on Twitter: “Yes, the holder’s number is different to the NS&I number.

Is there a problem with NS&I website?

We’re experiencing intermittent technical issues with website logins this morning. We’re working to resolve them as soon as possible.

What is the official NS&I website?


How long do NS&I withdrawals take?

The payment will normally reach your account two banking days after that. If we get your instruction after 13:00 on a banking day, or on a weekend or bank holiday, we’ll act as if we received it on the following banking day. The same timescales apply to further withdrawals from any of these accounts on the same day.

How do I withdraw money from NS&I?

Go to ‘Your profile’ in the top menu. On your account dashboard, go to the account you want to close and choose ‘Cash in’ or ‘Take money out’. If you have more than one account of the same type, select the one you want to close. Enter the full balance in the amount box and then choose ‘Cash in’ or ‘Take money out’.

Where are NS&I offices?

1 Drummond Gate, London SW1V
National Savings and Investments

Founded 1861
Headquarters 1 Drummond Gate, London SW1V 2QX
Key people Ed Anderson, Chairman Ian Ackerley, Chief executive
Products Savings and Investments
Website www.nsandi.com

Is NS&I owned by the government?

NS&I (National Savings and Investments), a state-owned savings bank in the UK, offers Premium Bonds and a range of other savings and investments, including Direct Saver. NS&I is a non-ministerial department.

How do I get my money back from NS&I?

You can easily withdraw money from your Income Bonds without needing to create an online profile. All you need to do is fill out a quick online form. Make sure you have your account details to hand. You can also download, print and complete a cashing in form.

How long does it take for NS&I to pay winnings?

Having your prizes paid straight into your bank account (or NS&I Direct Saver) is quick, easy and safe. If you win, we’ll let you know the good news by email or text message. You’ll then normally receive your prize money in your bank account by the 7th working day of the month.

How do I transfer money from NS&I to bank?

Simply give the details to your bank, tell them how much to transfer and when. You’ll normally be able to do this online, by phone or in a branch. There’s no need to enter your card details and we’ll update your account when we’ve received the money. This usually takes two to three banking days.

What is the address of NS&I?

How do I contact NS&I Premium Bonds? You can contact by phone on: 08085 007 007. The postal address is: NS&I, Sunderland SR43 2SB.

Did national savings become NS&I?

In 2002 this name was changed again to what we now know – National Savings & Investments. Today, NS&I manages around £157 billion in savings for 25 million customers as both a government department and an Executive Agency of the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

What are the disadvantages of NS&I?

What are the cons? NS&I savings products often aren’t market-leading. So if you’re looking to open a savings account, you might find higher interest rates elsewhere. Another negative associated with NS&I is that many of its new accounts, such as its planned Green Bond, are often announced months in advance.