What is a dundonian?

What is a dundonian?

Noun. Dundonian (plural Dundonians) A person who is native to or grew up in the city of Dundee.

Is dundonian a language?

Indeed some people who know they speak Dundonian or the Doric may not realise they are speaking dialects of the bigger Scots language.

What does Papped mean in Scottish?

Scots word of the day: PAP Meaning: To throw, papped oot = forcibly removed (verb) Example: Naw, we werenae there lang. He git papped oot afore 10.

What does teckle mean in Dundee?

Great, amazing, very good
Teckle. Great, amazing, very good.

Where is dundonian from?

Scots is the collective name for Scottish dialects known also as Doric, Lallans and Scotch or by more local names such as Buchan, Dundonian, Glesca or Shetland. Taken altogether, Scottish dialects are called the Scots language.

What do Dundee call roundabouts?

Remember this folks. In Dundee we have Circles…..not roundabouts….. Circles. to right Jim roundabouts were for playing on.

What do Scottish people call kissing?

Smourich – A kiss!

How do you say pie in Dundee?

Put simply, ‘peh’ is ‘pie’ in the Dundee accent. But it’s also more than that. Dundonians take their pies seriously and when we say ‘peh’ here we mean a proper tasty local pie, hot from the oven to eat as lunch on the go or perfect for tucking into at home.

What is the oldest building in Dundee?

the Tower of St Mary
Dundee’s oldest surviving building is the Tower of St Mary, commonly known as the Old Steeple. It was completed around 1480 and has withstood the upheavals of the Reformation, several invasions of the city and the repeated destruction of the church buildings to which it is connected.

What do they call roundabouts in Dundee?

Despite what the Highway Code tells you about roundabouts, everyone in Dundee knows they’re called circles. Local historian Norman Watson described circles as “Dundonese for roundabouts” and we appear to be the only city in Britain that uses this terminology.