What is a DI safety relay?

What is a DI safety relay?

The functionality of two standard safety relays can be achieved in one Dual Input (DI) device, allowing connection of two dual-channel input devices into one safety relay. A TÜV-approved single rotary switch sets the required function of the safety relay and eliminates the typical redundant switch setting process.

How does a safety relay work?

A safety relay detects wire breaks and faulty contactors/actuators by sending out electrical pulses through the wiring. By measuring the flow of current, the safety relay checks for welded contact sets and wire breaks.

What is a dual channel safety circuit?

The Dual-Channel Emergency Stop Safety Relay monitors emergency stop devices, such as palm buttons and rope/cable pulls, and positive-opening safety switches used for guard/gate interlocking. It is designed to connect safety devices, such as interlock switches, to the machine control unit.

What is Category 3 safety circuit?

At a very high level, Category 3 refers to a design principle used by the engineering teams. It means that the machines are designed to not only check for faults but also have redundant circuits for all safety functions.

What is the 440r-enetr guardmaster user manual?

Preface This user manual is a reference guide for the 440R-ENETR Guardmaster® EtherNet/IP™ network interface, communications interface for Guardmaster safety relays. It describes the procedures that you use to install, wire, configure, troubleshoot, and use this module.

What is the 440r-um013d-en-P manual?

Rockwell Automation Publication 440R-UM013D-EN-P – December 2016 7 Preface This manual is a reference guide for the family of Guardmaster® Safety Relays (GSR). It describes the procedures that you use to install, wire, and troubleshoot your relay. This manual also gives an overview of the operation of safety relays.

How do I create a 440r-enetr module?

Right-click Ethernet and select New Module. Figure 31 – New Module The Select Module Type window opens. 2. In the “Enter Search Text for Module Type…” field, type ‘440R’, as shown in Figure32. The list of available catalog numbers is reduced to one module. 3. Click the 440R-ENETR (the selection is now highlighted in blue). 4.

What is the Rockwell 440r-um009c-en-P AOP controller tag?

Rockwell Automation Publication 440R-UM009C-EN-P – July 201939 Chapter6 AOP Controller Tags This chapter contains the controller tags and nonrecoverable fault codes for each the ENETR interface, the GSR safety relays, and the GuardLink taps. The Controller tag names have a prefix, which is shown in the title of each table.