What hydraulic oil does a cat 908M use?

What hydraulic oil does a cat 908M use?

Cat DEO ULS 10W-30 Is Recommended For Your CATERPILLAR 908M (S/N Z8800001 – Up)

How much can a 930 CAT loader lift?

The 930 has a maximum gross power rating of 164 HP, an operating weight of 30,879 lbs and a bucket capacity between 2.7 and 6.5 yd.

How big is the bucket on a 994 CAT loader?

Operating Specifications

Operating Weight 534852 lb 242605 kg
Bucket Capacity Range – Rock 19.1 – 29.1 m³ (25 – 38 yd³) 19.1 – 29.1 m³ (25 – 38 yd³)
Bucket Capacity Range – Coal 32.1 – 43.6 m³ (42 – 57 yd³) 32.1 – 43.6 m³ (42 – 57 yd³)

How much can CAT 988 loader lift?

Equipped with a high lift linkage the 988K is capable of loading a 773 (56 tonnes/61.7 tons) in 5 passes and the 775 (64 tonnes/70 tons) in 6 passes.

What weight is Caterpillar hydraulic oil?

Suitable For Use In Caterpillar Excavator: Hydraulic 10w – 15w/40 Engine Oil – EP80w/90 Gear Transmission.

What’s the biggest loader Caterpillar makes?

Cat® 994K Wheel Loader
The new Cat® 994K Wheel Loader is Caterpillar’s largest wheel loader and handles significantly greater payload compared to its predecessor, the 994H.

What is the biggest loader cat makes?

Caterpillar 994
The Caterpillar 994 is the largest-ever wheel loader built by Caterpillar. At 427,209 lbs., the giant Caterpillar 994 dwarfs the 992, nearly doubling the already massive wheel loader in terms of weight, power, and bucket capacity.

What type of hydraulic oil does Caterpillar use?

What weight is AW32 hydraulic fluid?

10 weight oil
AW32 is approximately a 10 weight oil with the additives. AW46 is approximately a 15 weight oil with the additives. AW provides many of the advantages of premium hydraulic oil at a moderate price.

What is the difference between AW 46 and ISO 46 hydraulic oil?

The vicosity is simply referred to by ISO 46. AW stands for Anti Wear. AW 46 is the same as AW 46.

What’s the difference between AW 46 and AW 32 hydraulic oil?

The main difference between AW32 and AW46 hydraulic fluid is the weight – AW32 is a 10-weight fluid, and AW46 is a 20-weight fluid. AW32 is a good all-season fluid best suited for use in cooler outside temperatures during the fall, winter, and early spring months.

What is the largest loader Caterpillar makes?