What happens Revenge season 3 episode 14?

What happens Revenge season 3 episode 14?

Stevie and Emily meet at the Stowaway. Emily tries to piece together their apparent phone call from the night before, and learns that she confessed to being in love with another man, and that Daniel sexing Sara in their house is grounds for annulment.

Who is Jack’s mother Revenge?

Stevie Grayson
Jack Porter

Biographical Information
Parents: Carl Porter (father; deceased) † Stevie Grayson (biological mother) Mrs. Porter (step-mother) Conrad Grayson (ex-step-father; deceased) † Unnamed ex-father-in-law † Unnamed ex-mother-in-law † David Clarke (father-in-Law; deceased) † Kara Wallace (mother-in-law)

Who shot Emily in season 3?

In season 3, Daniel became darker than ever before. he cheated on Emily with Sara and later shot Emily when he learned she had manipulated him.

Why does Emily Thorne have blackouts?

From here Emily looked deep and found the one reason causing her blackouts: her Father’s fault. She sees the two nights before he was arrested; Emily caught Victoria and David sleeping together and when David carved the infinite symbol on their porch, which was destroyed by Emily (due to her blackouts).

What happens to Stevie in revenge?

Stevie was married to Conrad but had an affair with Carl Porter, resulting in the birth of Jack Porter. She kept the pregnancy hidden from Conrad during their marriage. Conrad later met Victoria, and Stevie left to go to rehab.

Why did Aiden turn against Emily?

He becomes allies with Victoria Grayson, telling her that he will help her destroy Emily Thorne, claiming that he only wants revenge for the hurt that Emily caused him. In “Confession”, Aiden accompanies Victoria to Nolan’s housewarming party to suprise Emily.

Why does Aiden turn on Emily?

Initially, Aiden and Emily bond over the fact that they are both seeking to avenge someone. However, after Aiden kills Trask, who had killed his sister, and was left without the peace of mind he thought he would feel, he begins to make plans for getting Emily off of her path to vengeance.

Why did Aiden turn on Emily?

Is Charlotte pregnant on revenge?

After Daniel bails Charlotte out of jail, she tells Daniel she is pregnant with Declan’s child.