What happens in season 7 episode 19 of Pretty Little Liars?

What happens in season 7 episode 19 of Pretty Little Liars?

She confesses to killing Archer, using details from the actual crime so the story adds up — and confesses to killing Jessica. Apparently, Jessica’s murder was the blackmail Archer used to keep Mary doing things for him. She signs the confession as Spencer, Ali, and the rest of the Liars look on in sorrow.

Why did Mona call herself A?

Here, it is revealed that “A” is actually Mona herself, who claims that she became “A” because of the Liars taking Hanna away from her and never doing anything to prevent Alison’s bullying. She and Spencer get into a fight near a cliff and Mona is accidentally pushed off.

Who is the father of Alison’s baby PLL?

Ladies and gentlemen, the father of PLL’s “Emison” baby is… Wren! The big reveal came midway through the finale’s second hour, following Spencer’s meeting with A.D. — aka her secret British twin Alex Drake!

Who is pretending to be Archer Dunhill?

Let’s rule this one as a happy accident. Elliott Rollins (real name: Archer Dunhill) got run over and struck dead by Hanna’s car, shortly after PLL revealed that his whole persona was a sham and that his whole plan was to avenge Charlotte’s death by marrying Alison and declaring her legally insane.

What happened in the season finale of Pretty Little Liars?

In season finale “A DAngerous GAme,” the Liars try to figure out the identity of the “A” ally known as Red Coat. It ends in disaster when the girls are trapped inside a burning lodge. They’re miraculously pulled out of the fire and Hanna thinks she saw Alison, which confuses and shocks the girls.

How many seasons of Pretty Little Liars are there?

Pretty Little Liars was seven seasons of a delightfully cheesy teen drama murder mystery, and it really hung its designer hat on cliffhanger finales. Got a secret, can you keep it?

Is Pretty Little Liars over after 7 years?

After seven years of twists, turns, fake-outs, network name-changes, and scary text messages, it’s hard to believe Pretty Little Liars is finally over. And while the show did its best to wrap things up, there still were plenty of moments that required a little suspension of disbelief.

How well do you know Pretty Little Liars?

Learn More. From 2010 to 2017, Pretty Little Liars was one of the most popular shows on television. The program — based off a novel series of the same name — follows four girls in the fictional town of Rosewood, Pennsylvania, whose friendships are tested when their ring leader, Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse), disappears.