What happens if you make Hardin the Elder?

What happens if you make Hardin the Elder?

For the Republic, Part 2: If the player character has decided to help Hardin in an effort to overthrow Elder McNamara and Hardin becomes the new elder, it will be impossible to complete the quest peacefully. The only option left would be to destroy the Brotherhood.

How do I get elder Hardin?

There is a way to oust McNamara and have a peaceful outcome: after talking to Hardin and beginning the process of overthrowing McNamara, simply don’t go back to the bunker until after speaking to Moore about the Brotherhood. Hardin doesn’t “officially” become elder until the Courier returns to the bunker.

Can Brotherhood of Steel join NCR?

Managing to ally the Brotherhood of Steel with the NCR will give result in some infamy towards the NCR, but it will not be enough to lower one’s actual reputation level with NCR, assuming one has not gained other instances of NCR infamy beforehand.

Can you ally the Brotherhood with House?

House that you’ve negotiated a peaceful solution with the Brotherhood.” However, this stage is inaccessible in the final version of the game and it is impossible to convince Mr. House to spare the Brotherhood. Commenting on this, Joshua Sawyer stated that this route was cut because it made no sense for Mr.

Can the BoS side with yes man?

Although the Brotherhood of Steel will not side with the Courier and Yes Man, one has three solutions: Destroy Hidden Valley.

Can Brotherhood help yes man?

Yes Man: the Brotherhood will never support you directly. They are, however, willing to ally with the NCR, if Elder McNamara is still in power – which is good for you, too, if you’re on good terms with the NCR.

Will Hardin ally with the NCR?

Nope, not possible, Hardin wants nothing to do with the NCR. His ideal Brotherhood is attacking and taking back Helios One, then harrasing wastelanders for any form of advanced technology they have.