What happens if you bump knees?

What happens if you bump knees?

If you have a bone contusion to your knee, you may experience any of the following symptoms: pain in your knee when extending your leg. swelling, stiffness, or tenderness. pain that’s more severe than a normal bruise and lasting longer.

How long does a bumped knee take to heal?

A bruised knee will usually heal within around 2–4 weeks. A bone bruise may take as long as 1–2 months or longer if the bruise is large.

What should I do after hitting my knee?

Suggestions for first aid treatment of an injured knee include:

  1. Stop your activity immediately.
  2. Rest the joint at first.
  3. Reduce pain, swelling and internal bleeding with icepacks, applied for 15 minutes every couple of hours.
  4. Bandage the knee firmly and extend the wrapping down the lower leg.
  5. Elevate the injured leg.

When should you get a knee injury checked?

Make an appointment with your doctor if your knee pain was caused by a particularly forceful impact or if it’s accompanied by: Significant swelling. Redness. Tenderness and warmth around the joint.

What is a kissing contusion knee?

“Kissing contusion” refers to a bone contusion on both side of the knee joint. It is a rare (6.3% in this series) but significant injury, often associated with ligamentous or menisceal tears. Disabling symptoms are often prolonged.

How long after a knee injury should you see a doctor?

Generally, athletes should see a healthcare provider for pain lasting more than 48 hours and other adults should see an expert if there seems to be no change for three weeks. Generally, most healthcare providers recommend that you schedule an appointment as soon as you notice that your symptoms impact the way you live.

Will knee injuries heal on their own?

Over time, injuries such as mild sprains and strains, may heal on their own. Your doctor may also recommend medications or arthrocentesis to relieve knee pain. If these therapies do not result in full recovery, your doctor may recommend physical therapy, therapeutic injections, or the Tenex procedure.

Is a contusion serious?

A contusion can be minor or severe, and may result in heavy swelling or significant swelling. Generally, contusion is considered a more serious injury compared to a concussion, because it involves structural damage to the brain’s blood vessels.

Do I need to go to the hospital for a contusion?

Bruises almost always heal on their own without special treatment. But for some people, a bad bruise can be serious. Seek medical care if you: Have a clotting disorder such as hemophilia.

How do you know if you have a blood clot in your knee?


  • redness in the knee or calf area.
  • swelling in the knee or leg.
  • a warm area behind the knee or in the leg.
  • pain in the knee or leg, which may feel similar to a cramp.