What happened to Valegro dressage horse?

What happened to Valegro dressage horse?

After retiring in 2016 at the age of 14, Valegro still resides with owner Chris Hester at Oaklebrook Hill. He is very well-loved and still gets ridden on a regular basis.

Does Charlotte still own Valegro?

Does Charlotte Dujardin own Valegro? No, Carl Hester owns Valegro with Rowena Luard and Anne Barrott. Carl gave Charlotte the ride on the then five-year-old Valegro in 2007, and trained the pair all the way up to grand prix level over the following years.

Who was better totilas or Valegro?

They each won their grand prix classes with Valegro earning 85.44% while Totilas managed 80.36%.

Is Valegro a stallion or gelding?

Valegro, the smallest horse on this illustrious list of best dressage performers of all time, also failed his stallion grading. When he was a two-year-old colt, he was taken by Negro’s owner Gert Jan van Olst (who had bought him as a foal) along with seven others by the same sire.

Can you visit Valegro?

Because of lockdown, there wasn’t an official ceremony, but residents and visitors can now see and have their picture taken beside the impressive artwork. A trust spokesman said: “We hope that when the pandemic is over, we can bring Valegro and his team down to see his statue.”

Who owns Gio the dressage horse?

It was announced in October that 10-year-old Gio – who was previously owned by Renai Hart, Carl Hester and Charlotte herself – had been sold to Sarah Pidgley for her daughter, Annabella, to campaign at Junior level.

Who is the best dressage horse ever?

Totilas, the dressage wonder horse, was widely regarded as the finest in the world at the height of his career. During this time he was ridden by Edward Gal prior to the arrival of Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro on the international scene.

Is Valegro a head shaker?

More worrying, Valegro was a head-shaker—a sign of nerves that can ruin a dressage horse’s career. In 2006, Hester tried to sell Valegro but was unable to find a buyer. When Dujardin arrived, desperate to ride everything in the yard, he was relieved. “I was, like, ‘You can have him,’ ” he said.

Where is the Statue of Valegro?

Valegro has taken centre stage in his home town Newent, as his bronze statue is placed in its permanent home. The statue, sculpted by Georgie Welch, was erected in the Gloucestershire town’s Market Square in a low-key ceremony, owing to Covid restrictions.

What dressage saddle does Charlotte Dujardin ride in?

Well, Your Horse magazine has the answer: Charlotte rides in an Equipe Emporia Special. The saddle is a firm favourite with the leading dressage rider and in 2016 it was this saddle that Charlotte rode in when she achieved individual gold at the Rio Olympics on Valegro.

How big is Valegro?

16.2 hands
Valegro (born 5 July 2002) is a gelding ridden by the British equestrian Charlotte Dujardin in the sport of dressage. He stands 16.2 hands (66 inches, 168 cm) and has the stable name of Blueberry. He is a double World Champion in Dressage, he won Grand Prix Special and Grand Prix Freestyle at the World.