What happened to Reverend Robert Schuller?

What happened to Reverend Robert Schuller?

Schuller died early on the morning of April 2, 2015, at a nursing facility in Artesia, California, aged 88. His funeral was held at Christ Cathedral, the former campus of the Crystal Cathedral. He was interred next to his wife at the Christ Cathedral Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Garden Grove, California.

What happened to Crystal Cathedral Hour of Power?

The Crystal Cathedral, which sold its campus to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange in 2011 due to financial troubles, held its final service on Sunday before swapping facilities with a nearby Catholic sanctuary.

Is Bobby Schuller still preaching?

He serves as lead pastor on the Hour of Power television program and is the senior pastor of Shepherd’s Grove church in Irvine, California. He is the grandson of Robert H. Schuller….

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When did Bobby Schuller take over Hour of Power?

Schuller started airing Hour Of Power in 1970 and built it into an international religious behemoth, at its peak drawing more than 20 millions viewers worldwide. He hosted the show for four decades, until 2010, more than 30 of those years with his son. Schuller’s grandson, Bobby Schuller, is the current host.

Why did Robert Schuller sell the Crystal Cathedral?

Schuller was diagnosed with cancer and was given about two years to live, and the church he founded — now under the leadership of his grandson Bobby — agreed to sell the Crystal Cathedral to the Catholic Diocese of Orange and to lease space at St. Callistus Catholic Church in Garden Grove.

Why did Robert Schuller remove his son?

But he removed him from the “Hour of Power” broadcasts in October after the church said the younger Schuller refused his father’s requests to rotate the show’s preaching duties with other ministers. The church said “lack of shared vision” led to the split between the younger Schuller and his 82-year-old father.

Did Robert Schuller’s daughter have her leg amputated?

this is that story. Robert Schuller’s (then) teenage daughter, Cindy, was in a motorcycle accident and had to have her leg amputated.

Who is Cindy Schuller?

Robert Schuller’s teenage daughter, Cindy, was in a motorcycle accident and had to have her leg amputated. John Wayne is a big fan of Robert Schuller. He heard Dr. Schuller say on one of his programs that his daughter had been in an accident and had to have her leg amputated.

Did Robert Schuller’s daughter lose her leg?

Schuller sometimes cited the example of his daughter Carol, who lost part of her leg because of a motorcycle accident in 1978 but went on to become a champion skier.

Did Robert Schuller’s daughter have a leg amputated?

How many kids did Robert Schuller?

Schuller has four grown children, two granddaughters and two grandsons. He lives in Newport Beach, California. Schuller’s first marriage ended in divorce in 1983 and he married his current wife, Donna, on November 10, 1984.