What happened in the Pilot of Supernatural?

What happened in the Pilot of Supernatural?

Twenty-two years ago, in Lawrence, Kansas, a family is attacked by a poltergeist and Mary, the mother of the brothers Sam and Dean, is burned to death in front of their father John Winchester, who dedicates his life from this moment on chasing the evil spirit that killed his beloved wife.

How old is Dean in the pilot episode of Supernatural?

John and Mary Winchester welcomed Dean to the world in January 1979, and Sam arrived four years later in May 1983. Supernatural’s pilot episode aired in September 2005 and takes place in a contemporary setting. This puts Dean at 26 years of age when Supernatural begins, while Sam is 22.

What is the creepiest episode of Supernatural?

The 23 Scariest ‘Supernatural’ Episodes Ever, Ranked

  • “Roadkill” (Season 2, Episode 16)
  • “Skin” (Season 1, Episode 6)
  • “No Exit” (Season 2, Episode 6)
  • “Scarecrow” (Season 1)
  • “Pilot” (Season 1)
  • “The Kids Are Alright” (Season 3, Episode 2)
  • “Everybody Loves a Clown” (Season 2, Episode 2)
  • “The Benders” (Season 1, Episode 15)

Who was the girl in the first episode of Supernatural?

Sarah Shahi
The Supernatural pilot introduced the characters of Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles), brothers who travel throughout the country hunting supernatural creatures, as they battled a ghostly Woman in White (Sarah Shahi) while searching for their missing father (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

Who was the ghost in the first episode of Supernatural?

Constance Welch
Constance Welch (born 1957 – April 23, 1981) was a ghost who plagued a highway as a Woman in White. She is the first supernatural enemy the Winchester brothers are faced with in the series.

Why did Dean’s voice change in Supernatural?

Ackles is no stranger to modifying his voice for a role. While on Supernatural, Ackles spoke about how he lowered his voice to play Dean, specifically to emulate Jeffrey Dean Morgan (who played his father on the show). It’s a choice he admits regretting a bit, given Supernatural’s lengthy tenure.

Why is Ohio mentioned so much in Supernatural?

The series creator, Eric Kripke , is from a small town in northwestern Ohio called Sylvania, a small suburb of Toledo. This is reflected in many episodes. For example, in the Pilot, the Woman in White was always seen on Centennial Road.

Why is Jared Padalecki wearing a cast in Season 2?

In the next few episodes, he is seen with a cast on his right arm. This is because Jared Padalecki broke his wrist during a stunt on the previous episode, so his injury was written into the script to explain the presence of his cast in the following episodes.

Who is the tallest person in Supernatural?

Jared Padalecki, 6 Ft. Standing at an impressive 6 foot 4, Jared Padalecki, who plays Sam Winchester, is often the tallest person in every project he is in, from Gilmore Girls, to Walker, to Supernatural.