What food is Monterey famous for?

What food is Monterey famous for?

Because of Monterey’s location along the Pacific Ocean, fresh seafood is, of course, a staple on menus throughout the area. Old Fisherman’s Wharf is often the first choice of those looking to sample Monterey’s famous clam chowder.

How do I spend a day in Monterey?


  1. Grab something to eat at Earthbound Farms.
  2. Explore nature by taking a mid-morning hike.
  3. Relish in Carmel’s art scene.
  4. Head to Monterey via the 17-Mile Drive.
  5. Take a break for lunch.
  6. Visit Monterey Bay Aquarium.
  7. Touring Cannery Row.
  8. Have dinner at Peter B’s Brewpub.

Is Monterey CA worth visiting?

Whether it’s your first or 10th time visiting the area, the stunning scenery along the 17-Mile Drive never disappoints. The beaches and coastal terrain — best found in Point Lobos State Natural Reserve — are also worth exploring. Follow one of the reserve’s hiking trails and you’re sure to encounter memorable views.

What should we do at Monterey?

Top Attractions in Monterey

  • Monterey Bay Aquarium. 14,289. Aquariums.
  • 17-Mile Drive. 12,574. Scenic Drives.
  • Monterey Bay. 2,806. Bodies of Water.
  • Dennis the Menace Park. 720. Parks.
  • Monterey Peninsula Recreational Trail. 810. Biking Trails.
  • Old Fisherman’s Wharf. 2,755.
  • Coast Guard Pier. 268.
  • Cannery Row. 4,384.

Is the coffee shop in Big Little Lies real?

The new coffee spot is an outdoor café located at Lovers Point Park in Pacific Grove, a small town between Monterey and Carmel. The fictional Blissful Drip Café was built on location specifically for the show, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

What seafood is Monterey known for?

Delectable choices in seafood dishes include seafood paella, clam chowder, crab ravioli, seafood puttanesca, crab cakes, fried calamari, Cajun snapper sandwiches, wild salmon, swordfish and jumbo prawns. If you love oysters, fish, clams, shrimp, lobster or crab, you’ll feel totally at home in Monterey.

What is the best time of year to go to Monterey?

The best time to visit Monterey is between April and May. Spring offers warmer temperatures, fewer crowds and food festivals dishing out delectable eats, including Pebble Beach Food & Wine and the Artichoke Festival in Castroville.

What is the best time of year to visit Monterey CA?

What restaurant was Big Little Lies filmed at?

Paluca Trattoria
Paluca Trattoria Big Little Lies’ modified set Blue Blues Cafe. And just to be clear—most of these scenes were not filmed on location here, but were instead created on a sound stage in Los Angeles made to look exactly like the cafe (using green screen to bring in the bay and Fisherman’s Wharf behind them).

Where is the bridge in Big Little Lies filmed?

Bixby Bridge The stunning arch bridge featured in the show’s opening credits is actually located in Big Sur, 18 miles south of Monterey. Big Little Lies’ location Manager Gregory Alpert suggests pulling off the highway just north of the bridge for the best photo op.

How much does it cost to go on 17-Mile Drive?

$11.25 per vehicle
Admission to 17-Mile Drive is $11.25 per vehicle. The gate fee is reimbursed with a purchase of $35 or more at all Pebble Beach Resorts restaurants, excluding Pebble Beach Market. Admission for tour buses is $5.50 per passenger.

What is the coldest month in Monterey California?

The cool season lasts for 3.6 months, from December 1 to March 22, with an average daily high temperature below 61°F. The coldest month of the year in Monterey is December, with an average low of 45°F and high of 60°F.