What file system does Isilon use?

What file system does Isilon use?

OneFS distributed file system
The OneFS File System is a parallel distributed networked file system designed by Isilon Systems and is the basis for the Isilon Scale-out Storage Platform.

How do I check Isilon audit logs?

You can view both configuration audit and protocol audit logs by running the isi_audit_viewer command on any node in the Isilon cluster. Configuration audit events come in pairs; a pre event is logged before the command is carried out and a post event is logged after the event is triggered.

What are Isilon servers?

The Isilon scale-out network-attached storage (NAS) platform combines modular hardware with unified software to harness unstructured data. Powered by the distributed Isilon OneFS operating system, an Isilon cluster delivers a scalable pool of storage with a global namespace.

What is a CEE server?

CEE server – A Windows server hosting CEE framework and your Peer Software solutions. Isilon – Scale-out Dell EMC clustered storage platform.

How do I enable syslog forwarding in EMC Isilon?

To enable syslog forwarding, execute this command: isi audit settings modify –syslog-forwarding-enabled yes –zone …For OneFS Versions 8.0 and 8.1:

  1. Connect to any one of your Isilon nodes using an SSH client.
  2. Open the syslog.
  3. Locate the !
  4. Save the syslog.

What is MultiScan job in Isilon?

By default, MultiScan runs whenever a new node or device is added to the cluster. They may run if a device rejoins the cluster after being disconnected for a time. If the MultiScan job is disabled, by default the Collect job will run instead.

Is Isilon object storage?

Isilon OneFS supports Swift, an object storage interface compatible with the OpenStack Swift 1.0 application programming interface (API). Through Isilon Swift, you can access file-based data stored on your Dell EMC Isilon cluster as objects.

What is CEE in Isilon?

OneFS integration with the EMC Common Event Enabler (CEE) allows third-party auditing applications such as Varonis DatAdvantage to collect and analyze SMB protocol auditing logs.

What is AutoBalance job in Isilon?

AutoBalance. Balances free space in a cluster, and is most efficient in clusters that contain only hard disk drives (HDDs). Run as part of MultiScan, or automatically by the system if MultiScan is disabled. Restripe. Low.

What is Flex protect in Isilon?

An Isilon cluster is designed to continuously serve data, even when one or more components simultaneously fail. OneFS ensures data availability by striping or mirroring data across the cluster. If a cluster component fails, data stored on the failed component is available on another component.

How do you Smartfail an Isilon node?

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  1. Move off the majority of the data through File Pool Policies.
  2. Ensure Global Spillover is enabled so the last bit of data on the nodes are allowed to move to other node pools.
  3. Start the Smartfail process.