What english city was known to the Romans as Venta Belgarum?

What english city was known to the Romans as Venta Belgarum?

The Romans did however start to build their own ‘new town’ at Winchester, known as Venta Belgarum, or market place of the Belgae.

What is the modern name for Venta?

Venta Icenorum, or ‘market-place of the Iceni’, is in the valley of the River Tas and the Romano-British predecessor of the modern town of Caistor St Edmund, south of Norwich. It was the largest Roman town in East Anglia.

What was the Roman name for Winchester?

Venta Belgarum
Abstract. The name for Roman Winchester, Venta Belgarum, has been known for centuries, and the attribution of the name to modern Winchester has not been in question in any significant way.

What did the Saxons call Winchester?

However, Winchester ceased to be a town. The Saxons called a Roman settlement a caester and they called Venta Belgarum, Venta Caester. In time this was changed to Wintancaester and eventually became corrupted to Winchester.

Where is Venta Belgarum?

Venta Belgarum, or Venta Bulgarum, was a town in the Roman province of Britannia Superior, the civitas capital of the local tribe, the Belgae, and which later became the city of Winchester.

What did the Romans call Birmingham?


Lydney Gloucestershire
Metchley Birmingham
Malton Derventio North Yorkshire
Mancetter Manduessedum Warwickshire

Are there Roman ruins at Winchester?

There are no above ground Roman monuments in Winchester, but in 1988 the King Alfred’s College (i.e. the University of Winchester) Department of Archaeology discovered the upper section of a fa├žade of a fallen ancient building in the environs of the town.

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